Posted 6 ноября 2020,, 13:44

Published 6 ноября 2020,, 13:44

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Actress Anna Starshenbaum accused Boris Korchevnikov of lying. She got threats in response...

Actress Anna Starshenbaum accused Boris Korchevnikov of lying. She got threats in response...

6 ноября 2020, 13:44
Anna Starshenbaum accused TV presenter Boris Korchevnikov and his program of "moral destruction of a person". The answer was unexpected...

Angelica Dean

On National Unity Day, the popular actress Anna Starshenbaum accused the host Boris Korchevnikov of lying, and the organizers of the program "The Fate of Man" of "moral destruction of her family". Anna became the hero of this program immediately after the release of the film Call Me Mom, in which she played the main role, on the Russia 1 channel. The actress published several video messages to subscribers with requests for support in her Facebook:

- I went to the program "The Fate of a Man", where the conditions were stipulated, the topics were chosen ... Today I saw an eyeliner to the program, where Boris Korchevnikov says an obvious lie. The program begins with the alleged direct speech of the actress Anna Starshenbaum that “my mother and I hate each other,” and continues with the fact that “at the age of 11, my mother stopped supporting me and rented me a room for money to pay for my father's elements”. Boris tells an ugly lie about my mother, me, our relationship, and ends the program by saying that "I am a single mother". I posted a video in which I said that Korchevnikov's words were not true. After a while the organizers called me and said: “Why are you so nervous? Well, not true, so what? After all, further, during the conversation, it is clear that it is not true". A wave of bots and hats hit me on my Instagram. I ended up having to close my page. Why do they allow you to morally destroy a person?

Anna Starshenbaum took such a bold step (the actress threatens to be included in the "black lists" of the Russia 1 channel, and the automatic deprivation of the main roles in the films produced by the channel) after her mother, Oksana Starshenbaum, did not appear on connection with the daughter. It is not difficult to guess that after such revelations of Anna, her mother had reasons for resentment. Judging by the comments of the mother to the alarming post of her daughter, she understood everything.

At first glance, a family conflict, in which the media and viewers are involved, once again reveals a very serious problem in our society - the persecution and reprisals of a specific person, professional by influential people and organizations. No one will doubt that the federal channel Russia 1 belongs to the number of influential organizations. We know a lot of cases when disagreeable theater and film critics, political opponents were put on "black lists", doused with mud, issued orders "not to be allowed" to performances, press screenings, premieres because they "said inconvenient things"... Quite often, people close to the authorities use their capabilities to eliminate a person and his professional activities.

Another recent example, perhaps related to the Russia 1 channel, is the "blacklists of critics" for the press screening of the Russian premiere of Andrei Konchalovsky on November 4, "Dear Comrades!" (the film was created with the support of the channel "Russia 1"). The PR director of the premiere distribution company - Disney Igor Potapov refused to accredit the film critic, with whom he had worked for a long time and successfully, for a press screening of the film:

“I apologize for this situation, but it was from the director's representatives that we received a list of journalists whom they would not like to see at the film events. We, for our part, cannot influence this decision in any way ”. This is not a single journalist, but a whole list. Film critics did not notice such measures for Andrei Konchalovsky before. Yes, and it's hard to believe that the famous director, at 83, wastes precious time compiling lists of unwanted journalists for the press screening. This could have been done either by the director's press service (Konchalovsky periodically changes his press secretaries), or by the Russia 1 channel. Film critic, program director of a number of film festivals, Maria Bezruk, is inclined to think that the "blacklists of critics" were made by the channel "Russia 1":

- I have never received a refusal in accreditation for the premiere of Andrei Konchalovsky from the director, but I had to face persecutions from the Russia 1 channel for criticizing their films, in particular, the film Kandahar.

What could famous critics do to ban them from watching the film "Dear Comrades!" If Andrey Konchalovsky or the Russia 1 channel has claims against specific journalists, they can present them as is customary in a civilized society - according to the law. But drawing up "black lists" is a punitive measure, which should not be in a democratic society. As well as there should be no ugly actions with the social networks of actress Anna Starshenbaum on the part of the staff of the program "The Fate of a Man" for the fact that she publicly declared untrue facts that Boris Korchevnikov cites in the program "Fate of a Man".

By the way, to make sure that the facts are distorted, it is enough to watch this program to the end. The actress did not say anything that Boris Korchevnikov said as a prologue about the heroine of the program. It would be correct if the program “The Fate of Man” apologized to the actress and her family for their mistakes, and not “attacked” her social networks.