Posted 6 ноября 2020,, 13:40

Published 6 ноября 2020,, 13:40

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Astakhov: "Investigators will figure out who else suffered because of Tsivin and Drozhzhina couple actions"

Astakhov: "Investigators will figure out who else suffered because of Tsivin and Drozhzhina couple actions"

6 ноября 2020, 13:40
“They live on their last pennies, they have nothing left”, - this is what lawyer Pavel Astakhov told about the widow and daughter of the actor Alexey Batalov, reports He also noted that they are waiting for money for food from Nikita Mikhalkov, who helps them.

A loud scandal with the legacy of the legend of Soviet cinema Alexey Batalov erupted in mid-September. Actress Natalya Drozhzhina and her husband, lawyer Mikhail Tsivin, were accused by the Batalov family of fraud with property.

Novye Izvestia has already talked about the dramatic situation in which Gitana Leontenko and Maria Batalova, the widow and daughter of the famous actor Alexey Batalov, who passed away in 2017, found themselves.

Gitana Arkadyevna Batalova, 85-year-old widow of the artist, reported that she and her daughter Maria, who suffers from cerebral palsy from birth, were deceived by this couple.

Гитана Аркадьевна и с дочерью Марией.Гитана Аркадьевна и с дочерью Марией.
Гитана Аркадьевна и с дочерью Марией.

“Masha, sensing unkindness, warned her mother, saying that she did not like this couple. But the enchanted Gitana Arkadyevna did not want to listen to anything. And the sweet couple of Drozhzhina - Tsivin, permanent participants in the scandalous television shows, excommunicated all their former friends from the Batalov family. Becoming full-fledged masters of the situation, they also managed to organize a fund for them. Batalov. The veil fell asleep and an epiphany came when Drozhzhina inadvertently mentioned that, according to the documents, she was Masha Batalova's guardian. It was then that Gitana Arkadyevna sounded the alarm, how is it that a guardian was appointed with a living mother! And then it turns out that frivolously trusting two swindlers and swindlers, A.V. Batalov's widow and his disabled daughter lost part of the apartment in the House on the Embankment, two more apartments, one of which is located on Kutuzovsky Prospekt, a workshop, and also, from the accounts and all the money disappeared from the cell. However, they left something in the cell. This is a watch that belongs to A. Batalov himself. What blatant cynicism!”, - wrote the actress and screenwriter Larisa Bravitskaya in Novye Izvestia.

Михаил Цивин и Наталья Дрожжина.Михаил Цивин и Наталья Дрожжина.
Михаил Цивин и Наталья Дрожжина.

The portal reports that Tsivin and Drozhzhina also got hold of Batalov's unique archive, which, among other things, contains correspondence with Anna Akhmatova - the Batalov family at one time was very friendly with Anna Andreyevna.

According to collectors, early manuscripts and photographs of Anna Akhmatova can cost fabulous money, we are talking about millions of rubles.

Director of the auction house Litfond and collector Sergey Burmistrov noted that Batalov's archives can cost even more than the four-room apartment of the Batalovs on the street. Serafimovich in the House on the Embankment.

Meanwhile, the widow and daughter of Alexey Batalov themselves are in distress and are left practically without means of subsistence, they rely only on the help of director Nikita Mikhalkov, who, as it turned out, helps them.

“You don't know how these women live. Only yesterday Gitana Arkadyevna called me and asked when Nikita Sergeevich would transfer money to them for food. These women really live on their last pennies, they have nothing left, "- quotes the words of Pavel Astakhov, the Batalov family's lawyer, portal .

According to Astakhov, Tsivin and Drozhzhin could not finally take away the legal inheritance from Batalov's widow and daughter, since they stood up for the actor's family.

Here is what the lawyer said in Andrey Malakhov's Live TV program:

Адвокат семьи Баталовых Павел Астахов.Адвокат семьи Баталовых Павел Астахов.
Адвокат семьи Баталовых Павел Астахов.

“That is why it didn’t work, and, above all, it didn’t work, because Nikita Sergeevich Mikhalkov stood up for them, and Alexander Ivanovich Bastrykin stood up.

You understand, now they are trying to completely turn everything upside down, to blabber the whole situation, to say that "yes, there is no criminal case", that there will be no trial, "yes, all this is zilch."

Please tell me, Tsivin and Drozhzhina started talking about canceling the rent agreement, at what point? Not 20 July at all. They started talking about it immediately after recognizing the Batalovs as victims in the criminal case.

And it was obvious that in this situation, bringing charges against them was only a matter of time.

And two weeks later they were detained, taken to the investigation department, where they were charged, and then a preventive measure.

So, it was in the last week, when the smell of fried food, they fussed, hired a serious lawyer, tried to come to an agreement, but it was already impossible. Because before that, remember, they did everything to prevent this from happening.

They were rude, threatened - publicly, in the media, and even on this program they stated that they were right in everything and were not going to give anything away.

How can you trust such people? Would you believe a person who took everything from you, to a penny, then they would have pressed him, and he would have offered to come to an agreement, doesn't that seem strange?

So, the criminal case was instituted exactly because they not only refused to return the apartments, money, archive, but also threatened and threatened. Remember what Tsivin said: we have the right, and even if we return, we will return the eldest daughter, Nadezhda Batalova.

Doesn't it seem strange to you to involve a person from whom they did not take apartments and money? For what? Exactly in order to further confuse this matter, stir up the dregs, present oneself as offended benefactors, but this is not so.

They crossed the border: from civil law relations they turned all this into criminal law.

And now, under the criminal law, reconciliation is impossible. Moreover, pay attention, according to the decision of the Khamovnichesky court, they are generally prohibited from any contact with the victims. The investigation seized all real estate and accounts.

And all this talk is an attempt to confuse the public, not to mention the fact that accusing an elderly widow and a disabled daughter, as Madame has now said, of unwillingness to discontinue a criminal case is generally immoral.

Here is the fact that they were left free - Tsivina and Drozhzhin, this is not a reason to declare their innocence. Humanly felt sorry for them.

... This is your blah blah blah, but we have documents in which it is written: five bags are packed, in which there are archives. Manuscripts, papers that were confiscated at Tsivin's apartment. He himself voluntarily gave them away when they came with a search. More than twenty documents of title. Bunch of keys, one of the keys says "Key to the safe in Masha Batalova's apartment."

... From the moment they began to talk about Tsivin and Drozhzhina, about their adventures, about their charity, which they had been doing for a long time, suddenly different facts began to surface. All of them, I believe, should be verified, for the reason that today there are already quite a few episodes that will be singled out as a separate criminal case, I promise you that.

Because the Batalovs' case will go to court, sooner or later, I think, no later than the end of this year it will already be in court and the court will decide who is to blame and who is not.

But the rest of the episodes in eighteen apartments, according to Ida Lazarovna and so on - these will be separate episodes, highlighted in separate materials, in separate proceedings and the investigators will investigate these episodes, in order to still find those who suffered from this couples. "


The case took an unexpected turn at the end of October, when a representative of Drozhzhina said that before the arrest, the actress was severely beaten in the entrance of her house. A photo has scattered across the network where Natalya Drozhzhina demonstrates large bruises on her hand. However, Pavel Astakhov is sure that there was no beatings, since during the arrest the police officers did not see any bruises or other signs of beatings and, accordingly, did not record them.

The total amount of damage caused by Tsivin and Drozhzhina to the Batalov family is estimated at 37 million rubles, writes

In early November, the portal reports, it turned out that manipulations with Batalov's inheritance were only part of the extensive business of Tsivin and his wife: they provided care for elderly and single actors, rubbed into their confidence, and subsequently appropriated their housing for themselves. This is what seems to be actually hiding behind the screen of the charitable foundation, but it is important to wait for the court's decision.

Алёна Кравец.Алёна Кравец.
Алёна Кравец.

Meanwhile, model and singer Alyona Kravets told on her Instagram about how she almost became the "accomplice" of Tsivin and Drozhzhina.

“These people made us happy by making movies. Actors, directors, editors, they were often married to a profession and sacrificed their personal lives. And when they retired, they became useless. But Natalya Drozhzhina and Mikhail Tsivin could not leave respected people in trouble and came to the aid of a dozen old people. Not unselfishly, of course, but for a sheer nonsense - a Moscow apartment. They say that in this way they took possession of the housing of a dozen old people. By the way, they also wanted to involve me in their accomplices - they met with me, called, persuaded me to become a “person with conscience” of their charitable foundation. As if I look like an angel in their opinion and people would trust me. But some higher powers kept me from this step. After all, the hair moves due to the fact of, - as different media inform, - these “Alice the Fox and Basilio the Cat” were doing”, - wrote Kravets.