Posted 6 ноября 2020,, 12:25

Published 6 ноября 2020,, 12:25

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Updated 24 декабря 2022,, 22:36

Peskov denied the rumors about Putin's imminent resignation due to health problems

Peskov denied the rumors about Putin's imminent resignation due to health problems

6 ноября 2020, 12:25
Russian President Vladimir Putin does not intend to resign anytime soon due to an alleged health problems.

Press secretary of the head of state Dmitry Peskov told the journalists about it.

"No, Putin's health is excellent", - Rosbalt quotes Peskov's answer to a question from reporters about Putin's alleged resignation. "This is complete nonsense", - added Dmitry Peskov.

The British tabloid The Sun published a message about the 68- year-old Russian president's health problems and his possible resignation due to illness.

In the article “How Much Else Will Putin Govern?”, published on November 6, the authors note that Putin, who has been in power since 1999, has been ruling for more than 20 years, and amendments to the Russian Constitution approved in July of this year allow him to remain in office until 2036 year. At the same time, the issue of granting Putin the right to become a senator for life is being discussed.

However, the sources of the publication said that, despite the expanded personal powers of power, Putin may step down in early 2021. Observers suggest that the first signs of Parkinson's disease may be the reason for the departure of the Russian president.

To illustrate how Putin's appearance may change in a few years, the authors of the article posted a photo of Putin processed in a special application. In the presented frame, Putin looks like a decrepit old man.

When TASS journalists asked Peskov to comment on the publication about Putin's alleged Parkinson's disease, the press secretary denied the data of The Sun, saying that this is "complete nonsense".

Earlier, when answering questions about the end of his term in office, Putin said that his presidency "someday" will end. The need to amend the legislation giving the current head of state the right to be elected in 2024 and later he stated not with his desire to "rule forever", but with the need to strengthen the country's sovereignty.

"2024 and later - you will need to watch when the time comes. Now you just need to work hard, like St. Francis, each in his own area",- Rosbalt quotes Putin's words.