Posted 6 ноября 2020,, 12:52

Published 6 ноября 2020,, 12:52

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Updated 24 декабря 2022,, 22:36

Question of the day: who will take pity on 17 million Danish minks doomed to death?

Question of the day: who will take pity on 17 million Danish minks doomed to death?

6 ноября 2020, 12:52
Social networks have disagreed over the decision of the Danish authorities to kill all animals from fur farms in connection with the pandemic.

As you know, the Danish government suspected minks of spreading a new and extremely dangerous strain of coronavirus, and it was decided to kill every single mink on all farms in the country. The authorities promise not to leave a single mink even for breeding in the future, and the police, army, rescue services and guards are involved in the operation. A total of 17 million minks are planned to be destroyed.

This news greatly excited the Russian blogosphere, which began to discuss the fate of the poor animals. At the same time, it remains completely incomprehensible why the same thing did not happen in the spring, when exactly the same operation was carried out by the authorities of Holland and Canada? Do they have other minks, which you do not mind?

Be that as it may, some bloggers are indignant, such as journalist Natalya Babasyan:

“In fact, an entire highly profitable branch of production is under the knife, which is undesirable for greens. This is of course a concern for the health. Nobody doubts..."

Prazhanka Alfia wonders for whom all these farms worked, since in civilized countries it is no longer accepted to wear natural furs:

“The news about Denmark, which decided to destroy minks because of covids, was very surprising.

The fact that in the enlightened countries there are still burrow farms somewhere.

I was sure that they had been closed long ago. We have been here for several years as prohibited.

For whom the Danes developed their products - just wondering.

Wearing a mink and, in general, any natural fur - it practically sucks, and, moreover, for a very long time.

And in recent years, a natural fur something to put on - and completely passed into the category of sludge.

It would never even occur to anyone to dress up in fur sheepskin coats.

Unless leather shoes have remained for now, but even then many brands focus on artificial nowadays.

And boots were not sewn from minks before.

For which consumers has Denmark still grown minks on farms?"


Publicist Maria Shapovalova regretted the entrepreneurs, believing that this is a dead-end path:

“The process has started - 67 fur farms in Denmark have already ceased to exist.

Probably, the mink strain is really very dangerous. I want to believe that the sacrifices are not in vain.

But the trend is undeniable: states are carefully destroying independent producers, transferring them to the number of unemployed on the budget.

An entire industry is being destroyed. Thousands of successful farms - there were tens of thousands of people who produced the highest quality products. Who doesn't know: The Danish Fur Breeders Association is the world leader in high-tech fur and skins production. Copenhagen Fur Auction is one of the five largest in the world.

But in the "world of crazy greta" nothing needs to be produced at all. Any productive activity is harmful, criminal and dangerous. A person in this world is assigned the role of an unpretentious and obedient recipient of benefits, living out of mercy and on handouts from the state. Which, too, will not produce anything (it is not very good at it, by the way), but will distribute scarce resources. "Fairly", of course - at the cost of living per consumer. In the process, finishing off those "killers of animals and plants" from whom you can still siphon budget revenues.

At the same time, the state will provide ideologically correct people with both transport and a tribune - as an exception, necessary for the propaganda of "reasonable" asceticism to the masses.

Yes, it’s futile. But humanity cannot be dissuaded from marching to a dead end as long as it wants to go there..."


And political scientist Sergei Medvedev is amazed at the size of human hypocrisy and cruelty:

“Horror, horror, huh? Otherwise they would have been killed without any noise and headlines, a year or two later, with fur coats and hats, and no one would have noticed.

Nature is screaming, screaming - get away from me, do not go into the jungle with new clearings for palm oil, do not sell exotic animals in "wet markets", do not eat them, do not raise livestock for slaughter in industrial workshops of livestock concentration camps, do not raise fur animals on fur: it is there, in this zone of contact with nature, on these conveyors of death, that zoonoses are born, which then spread to humans - AIDS, SARS, MERS, one covid, now another...

And all this - in a sweet, cozy, Scandinavian and so advanced Denmark, which seems to be at the forefront of all good and tolerant, that there is no news, then a scandal: either a giraffe will be fed to lions, or an elephant will be cut for the amusement of the public, or on the Faroe Islands in once again, they will arrange a barbaric slaughter of grind (small whales). Now 17 million minks will be slaughtered. For them, by the way, it can also be a deliverance from a painful life, I have been to fur farms in Chukotka more than once, and this is a terrible sight - the unfortunate Arctic foxes in a cage go crazy, they walk a wheel from stress, they cripple themselves out of rage and powerlessness, gnaw your paws. And it is quite true that we receive responses from this world, from this frontier: one, second, third warning.

Remember this when you are walking your fur coat in the coming cold, fluffing up your collar, ironing your hat. If not the torment of hundreds of millions of animals in cages and sheds, then at least the fact that from our love for fur and everything "natural" a covid is born..."