Posted 6 ноября 2020,, 13:58

Published 6 ноября 2020,, 13:58

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The American dream stopped working for the world

6 ноября 2020, 13:58
Валерий Федоров
Even if Biden becomes the president of America, he will have no time for Russia, but will have to bury himself for a long time in the very difficult problems that the countri is facing now.

While in the States Trump continues rearguard battles, and the Democrats are increasing the onslaught, our homegrown all-is-losters and overseas revenge-seekers and emigrants paint in vivid colors a list of horrors that now allegedly await Russia under the new regime of Biden's grandfather.

I am sure it will be “horror. But not horror-horror-horror ”! The fact is that America's deepest problems, which tore it in two four years ago, have not disappeared and cannot be quickly resolved in any alignment of forces. So what are these problems? In enumerated order, without statuses:

  1. The United States has been uncompetitive economically and commercially for several decades; it has lost the competition to Germany, Japan, China, Korea, etc. All they have left is financial capital, but without manufacturing and trade competitiveness, by itself, it cannot ensure America's prosperity.
  2. The American dream has ceased to work - education no longer guarantees prosperity, inequality has been growing steadily for almost half a century, the middle class is getting poorer, polarization in society is increasing, the financial oligarchy is blocking all attempts to redistribute income and dividing the country, regardless of the president's party affiliation, deeper and deeper.
  3. The US military force is no longer enough to punish opponents, none of the members of the "Axis of Evil" (except for Iraq-2003), not to mention China, was and cannot be punished by direct intervention, and the siege has no effect. Military dominance persists, but it costs more and more and works worse and worse. Even the unhappy Venezuela cannot be invaded by the United States, since this will only lead to the opposite effect. Conflicts in different regions of the world have gotten out of the control of the United States and go beyond their interests. America can threaten, but cannot conquer and control the conquered (the example of Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya, etc.).
  4. The United States has long been a bankrupt with an unpayable national debt, existing only on the principle of "too big to fail" - by the grace of foreign creditors. The escalation of the national debt continues, the cost of financing it will only grow, and financial opportunities will only decrease. But speculation, cut off from real production and trade, will break through again with a deep crisis, and sooner rather than later.
  5. The system of US military alliances has been undermined, the interests of the allies diverge too much, alliances have become purely situational (the Americans fail to attract Korea to the anti-Chinese and anti-Russian course, Europe to the anti-Chinese course, Japan, India and Saudi Arabia to the anti-Russian course, etc.). The United States is increasingly forced to abandon engagement on various fronts, prompting its allies to learn to live their own minds.
  6. The South-North migration flow is not diminishing; this undermines the cultural homogeneity of the United States and destabilizes its domestic politics. Trump failed to reverse this trend and no one will succeed - after all, the South lives much worse than the North and by all means is eager to change its destiny in person.
  7. Climate change is progressing, American capitalism is the least of all the countries of the "golden billion" able to go on a "green track" and with all its might resists such a transition, while the environmental movement is growing and requires decisive changes.
  8. The American healthcare system is catastrophically ineffective (maximum spending - minimum public benefit), unable to cope with the pandemic, but it cannot be reconstructed due to the fierce resistance of the financial oligarchy (insurance companies).
  9. The bipartisan system has exhausted its potential, it is blocking any serious progress in changing the dysfunctional economic and social policy. Biden will be blocked by a conservative Supreme Court and Republican Senate worse than Roosevelt in the 1930s, even in the absence of a meaningful reform agenda comparable to Roosevelt's.

Let's summarize. The situation is actually stalemate. You just have to be patient, and be patient for a relatively short time, maximum - a year or two, or even less, until the offensive impulse of the democrats in foreign policy fizzles out. Biden will bury himself in his own problems, he has no time for us, and threats against us can only be an attempt to divert attention from what really worries the Americans. And it will not work to distract them for a long time, because these problems are not only not being resolved, but are also aggravating.

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