Posted 6 ноября 2020,, 12:57

Published 6 ноября 2020,, 12:57

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Updated 24 декабря 2022,, 22:36

TV accused Macron, Biden and Kurz of conspiracy against humanity

TV accused Macron, Biden and Kurz of conspiracy against humanity

6 ноября 2020, 12:57
TV propagandists assure viewers that America is heading for revolution and the West no longer has the moral right to teach us how to conduct elections.

Sergey Mitrofanov

After the terrorist attack in Vienna and the elections in the United States, TV is in a kind of fever. It is necessary to come up with an explanation for what is happening, but nothing more convincing than "Trotskyists have settled in the States," and "in Europe, the special services are hiding behind Islamic terrorists" until they come up with it.

At the same time, at first everything was built very logically and well. The irresponsible behavior of French President Emmanuel Macron provoked the legitimate indignation of Islamists all over the world, especially since the West has rolled Christ in the mud (* sentence from a member of the Political Council of the "For Truth" party Sergei Mikheev, "Sunday evening with V. Solovyov") . But the terrorist attack in Vienna forced a significant reconsideration of the position: maybe, after all, the Islamists are also somewhat different. Thus, it turned out that the only thing that could save the original theory, which makes it possible to justify the numerous pictures with the footprint of a shoe on Macron's face, is the conspiracy theory that Western intelligence services were behind this terrorist attack, and not the Islamists themselves.

It was developed on the air by Ruslan Kurbanov, a senior researcher at the Institute of Oriental Studies of the Russian Academy of Sciences. A native of the Caucasus (* he said so about himself), but often visiting Brussels and knowing the local life firsthand, he apparently felt obliged to come up with something like that so that the boss of all Caucasians, Ramzan Kadyrov, did not look like a completely fossil religious archaic ...

And he came up with it.

This is not to say that the theory turned out to be very original. Rather, a mixture of old Soviet propaganda with the modern Netflix television series. But it's impressive when from a senior researcher at the Russian Academy of Sciences.

So, for some reason, the authorities of Western Europe still lack real power. Apparently, somewhere they are pressed by progressive and democratic forces. And everyone knows, in particular, from the works of Marx and Lenin, that the eternal dream of the ruling circles of the West is to destroy the institution of democratic elections, to gain full power as a result of the state of emergency and to establish right-wing dictatorships. Then they will have happiness and the correct distribution of the social product. To this end, they constantly flirt with the right-wing radical groups and provoke them to terrorist acts, which they would not have planned in a normal situation. And in order to have a reason for a retaliatory total police operation, they are sent to the ranks of agents provocateurs.

Do you see, says Kurbanov (* I convey the meaning of his message) , that all the terrorists in Vienna, when they crumbled passers-by, were dressed in white overalls? And why? And this is in order to be correctly marked on the TV picture. Like, here we are - evil Islamists, atu us. Please also note, - continued Kurbanov, - that in the countries of dominant Islam, no one attacks Christians and Jews, they feel great there. But terrorist attacks motivated by religious intolerance occur exclusively in Europe, which testifies to their character inspired by the authorities.

In fairness, it should be noted that the theory that Macron and the refined handsome Chancellor of Austria Sevastian Kurtz are infernal conspirators did not arouse great enthusiasm in the studio. The TV did not rush to support her immediately, rather, showing skepticism. However, Kurbanov's theory still received indirect funding from the usual propaganda officers.

When the same Korotchenko complained about the failure of the Western special services in the Vienna case, he thus, apparently, outlined the "correct work" of the Russian and Belarusian special services, which do not allow such failures.

Namely, successful massive infiltration of state security agents into the ranks of opposition groups, total eavesdropping and spying on underground activists, targeted forceful action and elimination of leaders of possible social unrest.

Deputy Zhuravlev cited a figure calculated by no one knows: only 6% of terrorist attacks in the world are Islamist. (* But already very loud, like the blowing up of the Gemini towers) Which, again, should tell us that Islamism is only attributed to the immanent problems of the West.

Meanwhile, another strange-looking person - the president of the international counterterrorism training association Joseph Linder, hinted at the presence of many private armies in Europe and soon prophesied neo-Nazism even tougher than Hitler's.

I am ashamed to ask: how does he imagine it - "tougher"?

Conspiracy in America

Meanwhile, in the heart of the West - America, Biden is significantly ahead of "our Trump", which prompted propagandists and "Putin's troops" to look closely at the very procedure of the US elections and subject it to pejorative criticism.

There, they say, there are no such clear voter lists as ours, and they look badly at the ballots, and documents are checked out of hand when voting, one shame! The same people come to vote ten times. At the same time, the "democrats" allegedly made extensive use of the administrative resource (* which is strange, because the Trump administration is in power, not the Democrats). All this led to the seizure of power worthy of Trump by the left-Trotskyist opposition. After all, Biden only looks like a worthy grandfather, behind him in the second row are the Trotskyites vice president and university youth, ready for the cultural revolution. With Biden, gays (Richie Torres), transgender people (Sarah McBride) are coming to power, and hallucinogenic mushrooms are legalized.

Host Popov about Baydenovtsy: "What pathetic idiots!"

Columnist for Kommersant Strokan: "Croupier is playing against Trump".

“Today we see the Kyrgyzization of the American elections,” a professor at the PRUE G.V. Plekhanov Oleg Morozov. By ear, no one understands what kind of "Kyrgyzization" this is, maybe the term is what new scientist? They asked again. It turned out that "Kyrgyzization" is just the word "Kyrgyzstan". Those. in the United States now, as in our Kyrgyzstan, such a thought.

Sergei Filatov, a lecturer at the Department of International Journalism at MGIMO of the Russian Foreign Ministry, in principle, agrees with all the previous, but surprisingly describes the "alarming" situation: Biden's victory leads to a link between the new US administration and China, which keeps its fists for Biden. After all, Biden plans to end Trump's trade wars and resume American investment in Chinese industries.

(* I must say that Russia, apparently, in this case flies out of the combination as a strategic partner and a military ally of China, although for the world as a whole this situation is more favorable than a situation of confrontation between giants.)

United Russia intellectual Oleg Morozov is saying an important thing again. We do not need chaos, revolution and the collapse of America, because then no one will seem little. It's better if authoritarianism reigns there. Well, America does not need a mirror image for Russia to collapse and it is better if Putin's authoritarianism remains.

Thus, authoritarianism again acts as a world consensus and a bright future for humanity.