Posted 8 ноября 2020, 14:27

Published 8 ноября 2020, 14:27

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Forecasters warned of the first frost and ice-covered ground in Moscow

8 ноября 2020, 14:27
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This autumn has been very warm in the European part of Russia. In particular, in Moscow, where it was already snowing these days in some years, many trees are still losing their leaves, and on the balconies you can see cold-resistant indoor plants that have not yet been harvested for the winter.

But already the night of November 9 can be frosty.

As the leading employee of the Phobos weather center, Evgeny Tishkovets, says, today, November 8, in Central Russia in general and in Moscow in particular, will be the finale of the meteorological autumn, which, on average, has exceeded the long-term climatic norm by 3.8 ° C. There have been no frosts in Moscow yet, but on the night of November 9, the first of them are expected and even a slight icy snow, the temperature will fluctuate from -3 to + 2 °. Yevgeny Tishkovets recommended changing the tires on cars for winter, - reports the "RIA Novosti" agency.

After the cold atmospheric front has passed, daytime temperatures in the capital will drop to + 3 ° C in the coming days, and fleeting showers are expected. Today, November 8, in Moscow, it is still about + 10 °, cloudy.

It got significantly colder even in Sochi, there in the coming days it is no warmer + 15 + 17 °, although recently it was even possible to sunbathe and swim, in St. Petersburg the weather will be about the same as in Moscow, in Yekaterinburg it is several degrees colder and snow may fall.