Posted 8 ноября 2020, 14:34

Published 8 ноября 2020, 14:34

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Joseph Biden spoke about his future policy as the President of the United States

8 ноября 2020, 14:34
In the ongoing vote count in the US presidential elections on November 3, the victory of the Democratic candidate, 77-year-old Joseph (Joe) Biden, is already evident. The heads of other states began to congratulate him, Joe Biden himself spoke about the main directions of future policy.

Last evening it became known that Joe Biden received the votes of more than 270 electors, which he needs to defeat the current US President, Republican Donald Trump. Joe Biden won, in particular, in the state of Pennsylvania (adding 20 electoral votes at once). For the first time in the history of the United States, a woman, the daughter of the natives of India and Jamaica, Kamala Harris, was elected vice president.

In the capital of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia, people took to the streets. Joe Biden's supporters have also taken to the streets of New York to celebrate his victory. In the capital of the country, Washington, thousands of citizens came to the White House and also express their joy at the election of Joe Biden.

Joe Biden addressed the nation. Even before the start of the speech, it became known that its main topics would be calls for all Americans to overcome contradictions and unite as a nation and the fight against the coronavirus COVID-19, which has spread widely across the United States.

"The people of our country spoke out: they gave us a clear, convincing victory", - RIA Novosti quotes Joe Biden as saying from his address to the nation. He added that he received more votes than any previous electoral contestant. Joe Biden said he was supported by 74 million Americans. He outlined the priorities for his future policy: the fight against COVID-19, the economy, the climate and the fight against racism. In addition, the politician spoke about the need to "restore dignity, protect democracy" and provide equal opportunities for citizens. The politician promised to become "a president who will not divide, but unite".

"Fellow citizens, Americans, residents of Delaware. I owe everything to you who supported us, residents of all cities, all races and sexual orientations. You supported me, and I will support and protect you", - said the winner of the presidential race.

"America has tipped the balance towards justice", - he added.

Then he turned to the losers. "I understand the disappointment of those who voted for President Trump - well, I myself lost twice. But they are not our enemies, they are Americans", - Biden recalled.

"Let's give each other a chance. It's time to drop the harsh rhetoric, turn down the heat, see each other again, listen to each other again. The search for enemies must be over".

According to Biden, first of all, he intends to take control of the situation with the coronavirus. As it turned out, there is a Biden-Harris plan to counter covid. "This coming Monday, I will present a group of leading scientists and experts who, from January 20, 2021 (the date of the inauguration of the new US president), will implement this plan based on fundamental science".

In his speech, Biden, who grew up in a deeply religious Catholic family, referred to the Holy Scriptures several times: "The Bible says there is a time for everything. A time to build, a time to reap, a time to heal, a time to sow. Now is the time for America to heal."

“Spread the faith. I love you all, God bless America”, - concluded Biden.

At the same time, Donald Trump still claims that he won the election. “The truth is that this election is not over yet,” he noted, and then ironically replied to Joe Biden on Twitter: “THIS COUNTRY IS ENDED FOR ME. I am leaving the USA with my wife, so the whole situation is disgusting to me. better. I'd rather live in a stable country. My kids are afraid of Biden! "

Donald Trump claims Joe Biden wants to count all votes, including the "fraudulent" ones. The current president has promised that he will not stop until "the American people receive an honest vote count" and announced the preparation of lawsuits to defend their position. In the event that the election of Joe Biden is approved, he will become the 46th and oldest president in US history.

Many world leaders have already sent their congratulations to Joe Biden, the Izvestia newspaper notes. Among them are the heads of European states, as well as the presidents of Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Egypt, Argentina, and even Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro.