Posted 10 ноября 2020,, 14:15

Published 10 ноября 2020,, 14:15

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Maria Kolesnikova from the prison: "I do not even for a minute regret about my decision to stay..."

Maria Kolesnikova from the prison: "I do not even for a minute regret about my decision to stay..."

10 ноября 2020, 14:15
Belarusian activist now in prison wrote a letter to her associates

Maria Kolesnikova, whom the country's authorities wanted to push abroad, and when she refused, was arrested, writes:

“On September 7, I was abducted in the center of Minsk. Many of us knew that such crimes had occurred before, but this case showed all the cynicism, permissiveness and criminality of the power structures in Belarus. In the interests of preserving the power of one person in the center of Europe, there are abductions, beatings, torture and murders of dissent. These crimes are anonymous and unpunished, but behind each of them are absolutely specific people from specific structures with specific positions. And this time their names will be announced.

After my abduction, they took me and dragged me by force into the office of N.N. Karpenkov (head of the GUBOPiK of the Ministry of Internal Affairs), where he yelled, insulted, intimidated. In his office, the "conversation" took place with two other gentlemen (GA Kazakevich, First Deputy Minister of Internal Affairs and A.Yu. Pavlyuchenko, head of the OAC). You can often see them in the official media. They delivered an ultimatum: I am leaving the country and from abroad I do what I want, or they will take me out - alive or in parts. They will break their fingers and close them for 25 years in the zone where I will sew shirts for the security forces. The conversation lasted a couple of hours with a break for "rest" in a solitary cell.

I was taken to the KGB pre-trial detention center, where, after a search, I was placed in a solitary cell on the upper floor. I "rested" there for a couple of hours and they took me to the KGB building for a conversation with three officers (one of them - K.F. Bychek, head of the KGB Investigative Department).

Smoky, dark, dull corridors, where the grandfather looks from the walls and showcases with pennants, flags and other KGB artifacts left a strange impression. There, as if you find yourself in an old Soviet film.

The "fascinating conversation" lasted until late at night. Among the many questions, they were interested in information about me, who is the author of the texts, why I assert about the falsifications, on what grounds do I claim that Tikhanovskaya won, whether I organized unauthorized mass events, whether I tried to interfere with the work of state bodies, whether I was connected with Nekhta (opposition telegram- channel, ed.) and the goals of the Coordination Council. Do I understand that the responsibility for the beaten and killed lies with me, and not with those who gave the orders.

These and other topics aroused my sincere amazement. They really believe that there are “puppeteers”, that someone from outside is trying to influence the situation in Belarus, and those who go out on the street are criminals, not peaceful Belarusians. What is happening now on the part of the authorities: the dispersal of civilians, the beating of their own people, massive repressions and the imprisonment of those who at least somehow participated in the election campaign is a crime. The authorities do not hear the will of the people.

They cannot come to terms with the idea that the Belarusian people want a different life, are ready for changes and take responsibility for their future and the future of their children. We are Belarusians. We are a people, not a people. We live in the center of Europe, not on a piece of land. And we can change everything. You are incredible.

I am responsible for all my words and can describe in detail all the offices, corridors, rooms in which I was. I am ready to identify all participants in the events that happened to me 09/07/2020 - 09/08/2020.

I submitted an application to initiate a criminal case under Articles 182, 183, 186 of the Criminal Code to the Investigative Committee and the Prosecutor General's Office.

Yes, I was scared. I was actually afraid to go to jail and I could be killed, dismembered. But the main thing in this situation is the realization that this “mess and chaos”, this horror, violence and endless crimes against the Belarusian people must end, and the real criminals must be punished, and the Belarusian people will become free.

I do not regret for a moment my decision to stay. I am not afraid of a criminal case, of prison, and I am absolutely sure that those who commit crimes should be afraid.

The Belarusian people will never forgive murder, humiliation, violence.

We are strong, brave, wise, we are together and love is stronger than fear..."