Posted 12 ноября 2020,, 10:15

Published 12 ноября 2020,, 10:15

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Even worse than renovation: officials have come up with a new way of taking homes from citizens

Even worse than renovation: officials have come up with a new way of taking homes from citizens

12 ноября 2020, 10:15
If a bill is adopted that, if 50% of houses in some built-up area are recognized as emergency, this area will be subject to “integrated development”, that is, in fact, the resettlement of all residential buildings located on it.

Novye Izvestia has already written about another threat to the citizens of the country from the alliance of officials and developers - about the law that will allow the property to be taken away under the guise of its supposedly emergency condition. The main feature of this method of weaning dwellings is that, unlike what is required under the renovation program, the owner can be relocated to any area of the city.

In this regard, the Moscow municipal deputy Nadezhda Zagordan writes in her blog about the situation with the plans for the “legal” seizure of our property in the Russian capital:

“Another very important video with an explanation of how the regime is going to deprive us of our property with the help of bill No. 1023225-7.

So, the bill assumes that if 50% of houses on a certain built-up area are recognized as emergency, then it is subject to comprehensive development. What is integrated development, I think everyone has guessed.

That is, in order to evict us from our house and take away the land on which the house is located, transferring it to the developer, and forcibly relocating us, the owners somewhere, where you do not mind, you need to take just a few simple steps: select the land that the developer likes plot, indicate to the Moscow Housing Inspectorate that 50% of the houses on it need to be recognized as emergency, which this body will gladly do (we will never prove that our house is strong), and then the question is technical: we turn off the light and heat in the house and we are like ants from we leave our destroyed anthill, and developers and officials in an expensive restaurant drink wine for the next clearing of the earth from people.

In an absolutely wonderful video, which was made by the municipal deputy of the Tver district Keti Kharaidze, a stunning document from the Moscow Housing Inspection is shown, where she instructs the GBU "Expert Center" to conduct a survey in 1494 (just think, and not counting the houses that have been renovated!) In order to recognize residential premises of houses unsuitable for habitation, houses in emergency and subject to demolition or reconstruction!

Also shown are the most beautiful nine-story buildings located on Dmitry Ulyanov Street, the owners of which received a black mark from the Moscow Housing Inspection. These are the houses of the scientific elite, which were built as cooperative houses at the expense of scientists. They were built soundly, firmly, in the huge courtyards of these houses there are practically park zones (this is me, as a person working in the Academic District, I say).

By the way, it is significant that in the Akademichesky district only one house was renovated. This is what areas where Muscovites have a high level of education and critical thinking means! But in fact, in what is happening now throughout the country with the law being dragged through, allowing us to deprive us of property, it is we, Muscovites, who are to blame - the technology of taking away private property under the guise of renovation was tested on us, we could not explain to our neighbors that the program is essentially the first step leading to the weaning of property throughout Russia.

Be sure to share the video and explain what he is talking about in the chats of his houses!

It is very important! When the authorities come to seize our property, it will be too late!

And of course, write to the State Duma that you are categorically against the bill, go to elections and never vote for United Russia ... "


However, this is not all. The fact is that the introduction of the Electronic House program, in which Muscovites are invited to vote on a particular issue related to their real estate, has become a good help for this method of taking away property of Muscovites. Is it worth mentioning that the results of such a vote are completely at the mercy of its organizers. Deputy Zagordan also warns about this:

“I ask you to be very attentive to the information, because it concerns the property rights of each of us!

2 days ago, residents of the building 3-ya Parkovaya, building 39, building 1 contacted me and told me how the district authorities have been trying for a month to introduce electronic voting in their house on issues of common property at home (they go to them, arrange preventive conversations with them every week, they cover the whole house with advertising). And when I began to analyze the documents provided by residents, it became clear that the proposed mechanism of electronic voting could serve as a convenient method for the authorities to take away private property.

So, the Moscow government has begun implementing the Electronic House program based on the Active Citizen platform (popularly called a fictitious citizen), which provides for the possibility of holding general meetings of owners in electronic format.

It would seem, why not, because the digital age is in the yard? The devil, as always, is in the details ...

If earlier there was a counting commission of owners, which collected and counted votes, and the Moscow Housing Inspectorate kept all decisions of the owners in its archive, and they could be reclaimed in court, now it becomes impossible to check how the votes were counted - no one is given such an opportunity !!!

In fact, with the first electronic voting on the option proposed by the Moscow authorities, we lose control over our property (the OSS makes decisions in relation to the common property). In conjunction with the attack on the right of citizens of the Russian Federation to independently dispose of their private property, when our neighbors were able to deprive us of our property by holding a general meeting of owners (2/3 of the owners may decide to seize the property of 1/3 of the owners in the house), in one day we run the risk of waking up and learning that the house in which we live is subject to resettlement, and we are forced to move to any other place of residence.

In this note, I write about what needs to be done to prevent the Electronic House from entering your home and not to lose control over your property! Be sure to read, warn the neighbors! Throw information into house chats and get ready to defend yourself! "