Posted 12 ноября 2020,, 10:55

Published 12 ноября 2020,, 10:55

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Gref: under Biden, US sanctions against Russia will be even heavier

Gref: under Biden, US sanctions against Russia will be even heavier

12 ноября 2020, 10:55
The administration of the newly elected American President Joe Biden is likely to tighten sanctions against Russia after coming to power, said Sberbank CEO German Gref. In his opinion, Russian-American relations will return to the level they were before the presidency of Donald Trump - under Barack Obama.

“Probably, the North Atlantic alliance with Europe will be restored and the conflict with China will be mixed. Most likely, some attempts will continue to apply new sanctions against Russia”, - Gref said in an interview with Russia-1. At the same time, according to Gref, there are not so many objects for sanctions in Russia: the majority of Russian officials and billionaires have already been blacklisted. “The two previous presidential administrations have exhausted a huge supply of restrictive measures”, - Gref said, adding that the next sanctions, if any, they will become very radical, and can lead to a significant imbalance in world relations. At the same time, according to the head of Sberbank, the fact that the United States has only radical measures left to influence Russia suggests that the country is unlikely to apply new sanctions against Russia.

Let us recall that the presidential election held on November 3 in the United States was won by the Democratic Party candidate Joe Biden. During his election campaign, he called Russia America's main adversary, and also said that the relationship that the Trump administration has built with other countries after his election victory will be redefined. As recalls, over the past four years, Biden has announced many radical sanctions bills against Russia. Among them - the project of "hellish sanctions", which demanded a ban on investing in the Russian national debt, as well as cut off one of the eight largest banks in the country from dollar transactions. Even more radical was the proposal voiced this year to declare Russia a country that finances the terrorist organization Islamic State (IS *), banned in our country, as well as the Hezbollah movement in Libya, the Taliban group and the radical movement Russian Imperial motion". The final radical measure that was proposed was to disconnect Russia from the system of international interbank settlements SWIFT, up to the imposition of sanctions on the organization itself, until it excludes Russia. Thus, the country would actually be deprived of the opportunity to maintain export-import relations with other countries.