Posted 12 ноября 2020,, 11:28

Published 12 ноября 2020,, 11:28

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Roast instead of a bonus: how a paramedic was "thanked" in Khakassia for caring for the patients

Roast instead of a bonus: how a paramedic was "thanked" in Khakassia for caring for the patients

12 ноября 2020, 11:28
The Minister of Health of Khakassia made a scandal to local doctors because the whole country learned the unsightly story about the refusal to hospitalize an elderly patient.

The story of the ambulance paramedic Polina Panina, who with tears begged the doctors to take the 90-year-old pensioner with suspected coronavirus to the covid hospital, received a purely domestic continuation.

Recall that the situation with the second wave of the pandemic in Khakassia is so difficult that even one of the ambulance station drivers in the capital of the republic, Abakan, recorded a video message to Putin and Shoigu, in which he said that patients with COVID-19 coronavirus no longer had enough places and suggested open a hospital based on a local military unit.

And last weekend in Abakan there was a story that its participants, a paramedic and an ambulance driver, recorded on video in a local hospital. Doctors denied hospitalization to a 90-year-old woman with lung disease, claiming that they had no free beds. Paramedic Polina Panina lost her nerves, and she went over to cry:

“I won't take her home to die! 90 years to man! I survived the war! What are you doing?! Why do I go in an ambulance, I have to cry and beg you?!", - Polina turned to the doctors. A pensioner brought her daughter, who also asked to find a bed for her mother in the hospital.

Polina herself commented on this case in her Instagram:

“The last two days have become a real test for me. I am used to completely surrendering to my work, like many respected colleagues who plow in these difficult days without raising their heads. But life made me open my eyes wide to an unpleasant reality. Thank you very much to everyone who has been supporting me and my colleagues, Ivan and Pavel, our excellent doctors, drivers, paramedics, dispatchers, nurses for the second day already. <…> I also ask you to understand and not judge too harshly for the emotions that got on the video. It was unbearable for me to see the daughter of this elderly woman kneeling and asking the doctors to put her mother in the hospital. It's scary when a person survived the war and at the age of 90 in the twenty-first century finds himself on the verge of death in such a monstrous situation because of someone's disorganization and indifference...”.

A video of this incident was published online. Only after a wide public outcry, the Ministry of Health of Khakassia made a decision to hospitalize the patient.

However, on November 10, local media reported that Polina had problems at work: the Minister of Health of Khakassia Viktor Shevchenko came to the meeting in the Abakan ambulance and gave the doctors a break.

No, not to thank Polina, but to cheer up all the paramedics. The minister was outraged that Polina publicly spoke about the problem of the lack of places for patients with coronavirus:

“People like you were shot during the war. How dare you express such things and record them on video, ”the official said addressing Polina.

According to the official, health workers should keep quiet and not even dare to utter a word about how things really are with the treatment of "covid" patients in Khakassia. Otherwise, they will be dismissed from work with a "wolf ticket" and without additional pay for work with "covid" patients.

“I think the residents of Khakassia would be much better off if the current minister was dismissed, and a paramedic Polina Panina was appointed in his place. But under the current regime it is impossible...”- public figure Alyona Popova comments on the situation.