Posted 13 ноября 2020,, 07:24

Published 13 ноября 2020,, 07:24

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Marrying a slave: what modern girls are looking for in marriage

Marrying a slave: what modern girls are looking for in marriage

13 ноября 2020, 07:24
According to psychologists, a modern girl knows how to usefully pretend to be weak and defenseless, and when necessary, strong and independent.

Psychologist Vasily Pozdnyakov formulated in his blog the main claim of modern men to modern women: “The woman in present, depending on the situation and personal gain, positions herself as weak and defenseless, and therefore all men should help her and maintain conditions for her; but later she is already strong, independent and self-sufficient, and therefore does not owe anything to anyone".

The author compared this image with the heroine of the most popular animated series Harley Quinn, both seductive and strong at the same time - not without reason she became an example for many girls to follow.

Further, Pozdnyakov gives an example of how our contemporary could reason, justifying her attitude towards men:

“While the owners walk in the parks, take care of their health, engage in self-development, find time for creativity or just read, the slaves are forced to plow from morning to evening so as not to be subjected to unpleasant procedures.

"The best slave is the one who considers himself free" (Plato)

Ideally, slaves should consider that their masters also plow for them from morning to evening, as "in the galleys." And all their pleasant duties and self-care are done in order to please their slaves. Well, to make it more pleasant for the slaves to serve. After all, it's more pleasant to serve a status and handsome owner, isn't it? In this case, of course, the owners enjoy slightly more benefits than the slaves. Slaves should consider that it is so customary in the world: some are destined to be born into this world as slaves, and others as masters. There is no need to dispute the established world order, otherwise it is not known to what extent we will come so far.

If you give the slaves complete freedom, then they will use it to their own detriment. Therefore, the restriction of freedom for slaves is a forced inconvenience, which let them suffer. For your own good.

If a slave is capable of at least some fraction of a philosophical view, then he will see that the meaning of a slave's life is to serve someone. Serving your master conscientiously is the slave's right share, the best share. This is their happiness. You can serve something else - ideals, instilled principles or certain communities of people. There is no sense of life inside the slave himself, you don't even need to look for him there. A slave is needed for something.

A desirable quality of good slaves is the ability to avoid conflicts with their master. And even better - to anticipate the wishes of the owner. Not to mention such obvious things as the best piece of cake for the owner, showing signs of respect (obligatory compliments) and giving up space in transport.

A well-bred slave, first of all, should take care of the welfare, prosperity and good mood of the master. And only then think about meeting your needs.

Of course, slaves have certain rights. They can even (and should) be allowed some entertainment. After all, it is a living creature. This creature can even be considered human, albeit with some restrictions. But they must also fulfill their duties properly. Otherwise, they risk losing all their rights, so kindly granted by the owners..."

However, it is unlikely that all of the above arguments of the psychologist relate specifically to our contemporaries: if you take a look at the entire world history and literature, it will become very clear that this has always been so, regardless of place and time.