Posted 17 ноября 2020,, 09:57

Published 17 ноября 2020,, 09:57

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Human is a threat to a human: what will the world be like in a result of a pandemic

Human is a threat to a human: what will the world be like in a result of a pandemic

17 ноября 2020, 09:57
The attitudes of people towards each other will radically change, since each person now acquires the status of an "asymptomatic patient" capable of infecting a deadly virus.

Publicist Marina Shapovalova painted on her blog a rather gloomy picture of the not so distant future that awaits all of us if the coronavirus is not defeated:

“Treating the other as an a priori mortal danger. To a total threat, since its main feature is the absence of signs, their fundamental unrecognizability. Anyone else is its potential carrier. The only safe personal strategy is to sever all direct contact.

This is not a situation. This is a trend. The trend, as it is now accepted to define.

What does it mean for the so-called social reality. Where it leads.

  1. In the limit (ideal) - to the impossibility (inadmissibility) of all types and forms of local consolidation and solidarity. To the conscious refusal of “self-encapsulating” individuals from such methods of social interaction for reasons of personal safety.
  2. Replacing real social ties based on a local civic community with dispersed virtual ties "by interests." To the “fragmentation of identities” that do not constitute any united force in real spaces.
  3. As a consequence, it will strengthen the role of the state as a distributor of resources, manager and organizer.

The state, being also a "virtual subject", does not just act in the "network contactless reality" as the only organized actor - it retains the concentration of colossal resources (none of the actors in the state-controlled space owns and cannot dispose of such resources), it the same - the establishment of the rules of communication.


Life is known to be sexually transmitted and spread, which is epidemiologically dangerous and irresponsibly violating social distances. In contrast to the extremely virtual emanations of pandemic football.

It makes no sense to object and be indignant because it is a trend. General, global trend, in which grains together with husks.

Look, what are the Belarusians for now? Do they want them to have it like in Austria and the Czech Republic? .. I am translating from Russian into Russian: for democracy, like in Europe, instead of the authoritarian regime of Lukashenka. And a curfew with all closings and bans instead of ignoring the outbreak of a new virus. If someone has not noticed yet: this is all - in one bottle. Mixed and shaken, do not separate.

The reaction of autocracies and totalitarian regimes to the so-called pandemic can be of varying degrees of ferocity: from the imposition (instantaneous, without discussion) of a blocking "Chinese quarantine," to the "whoever survives, they will survive" disregard. The reaction of democracies can only be the same as we see in Europe and the United States.

The fact of the matter is that European lockdowns with curfews and a ban on leaning out of apartments without muzzles are a reaction of states that is absolutely adequate to mass aspirations.

How much a Chinese, Thai, Russian or Turkmen is afraid of Kovid is not interesting at all to the ruling circles of their states: they introduce or not introduce bans in accordance with some of their interests, using the pandemic as a pretext. The President of the United States or the Chancellor of Austria cannot ignore the fears of citizens who value their biological existence above everything else without consequences - citizens will not forgive them for this.

It will be very good if in 5-10 years the mandatory movement around the city in spacesuits with the opening of the door to exit the apartment according to the temperature test is not introduced. The progress of technology, so to speak, is on guard for peace and security!

Okay, just kidding. In 5 years they will not be introduced, because there will not be enough spacesuits and sensors for everyone. But the trend is in that direction ... "