Posted 17 ноября 2020,, 17:01

Published 17 ноября 2020,, 17:01

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Roman Viktyuk: "For every minute of love we pay with five minutes of suffering"

Roman Viktyuk: "For every minute of love we pay with five minutes of suffering"

17 ноября 2020, 17:01
An outstanding director Roman Viktyuk died today. Not so long ago, Novye Izvestia interviewed the Master.

Vesta Borovikova

- Roman Grigorievich, you performed at the BDT, and I already know about the half-hour ovation that the St. Petersburg audience gave you.

- 27 minutes. Not half an hour. In the two thousandth hall. They applauded furiously, spellbound. This has not been in their theater for a long time, as they said. They love my theater very much, it's true. I always bring the premiere to them. And we must also understand that we played in the hall where they all were. All poets. Both Blok and Mandelstam.

- So Mandelstam came to visit Mandelstam?

- Quite right. He lived nearby, because the theater is in the center. And nothing in the room has changed. Although they were making repairs.

- What was the idea for the birth of the play "Mandelstam"?

- The theater has lost the ability to stage poetry. It's easier to stage everyday drama. Funny, sad sketches from the life in which we live. But when the problem of changing the spirit in the theater arose, it was only possible to solve it with poetry. Because poetry is the pinnacle of everything. But none of our great poets got on the stage. Marina Tsvetaeva wore and read "Fedra" in Vakhtangov's studio in those years. And Vakhtangov said: "No." She came to read the second time. And the second time there was a refusal. And until I staged "Fedra" at the Taganka Theater with Alla Demidova, Tsvetaeva's drama did not arouse interest. And I know that without poetry it is impossible to educate an artist today in a sense of his own spirit and body and in contact with the universe.

Because a good artist is one who feels how he is guided by the energy that guides the universal process. If an artist hears these notes from there, he plays each performance in a completely different way. Igor Nevedrov and Dima Bozin were the first to be able to pass through their bodies those signals and waves that come from above. Everything is planned, built and destroyed above, but there are very few people who hear the signals from above. And they can broadcast them. And now the theater should not change its design, not the amount of laughter stimuli, not the imitation of the leaders and the animal laughter of the public. All this is pasture. And all this is not true.

Now Misha Efremov imitates Stalin, his intonation and so on. But all this is not about Stalin. Because Stalin is a product of an energy force there, above all of us. She chose him to make people wake up. Unfortunately, this did not happen.

- Do you mean that evil is the servant of God?

- Sure. In order for people not to get mired in evil, its embodiment comes. And if you say it correctly, then this higher energy periodically causes an increase in the energy of creativity. And the Silver Age appears, for example. Flash, and then we got bits of it. And more this energy did not come to earth. Therefore, now we are seeing empty heads, base intentions and unwillingness to serve this universal energy flow.

- How does it work? For example, in music?

- Music is, first of all, waves that go there, up, and then return from there to the earth, and great pieces of music are born. I explained this process in a very primitive way, but you understand me.

- Not everyone wants to let this flow of energy through themselves. Because whoever connects to it becomes a target.

-It does not matter. This is choice. How can he not become a target when darkness is around?

- You just created an aphorism.

“… And therefore those who felt these streams were sent away by the millions. And there, in prisons, they left their lines on the walls. And they read these lines. But this black energy. And it is five times more than the rest of the energy on the globe.

- That is, love is five times less than pain, fear, meanness and violence?

- Five times less.

- That is, for every minute of love we will pay five minutes of suffering?

- Quite right. Or - death. But those that go away, the light up there is increasing. And when the revolution of this entire gigantic structure comes back to earth, maybe something will change. But this parish must be prepared. For an explosion, for a burst of heavenly light to people on earth.

- Is your mission to prepare for the arrival of light?

- Yes.

- Not everyone understands this.

- What for? They have irony. And laughter. They say, "Crazy!" - "Yes, crazy." - "In art, you can't help but be crazy."

- Almost all your performances are about the absence of love. "Servants" - that love is impossible in slavery. “Let's have sex” is about trying to hide from the lack of love in sex...

- This performance is generally our cry! People want love even in a madhouse. But they don't, because she leaves this world. Now I am working on Sologub's "Little Demon". It's all about us. The petty demon has not gone anywhere. He is thriving today. And he realizes his prayer of hate. I once staged it for the first time at the Russian Theater in Riga. Here I could not even hint that I wanted to stage it. I decided to try it in Riga. There I was brought to the Central Committee of the party to a person who was responsible for culture. He listened to me and signed a permit. I arrive in early September, the permit is valid. I ask: "I would like to meet this person." And they say to me: "He went with his family to Paris in the summer and stayed there." And I remembered his look when he signed this permit. He knew he was leaving. And for the first time Estonians went to the Russian theater in Riga, to my performance. The success was overwhelming. And literally last year they invited me to the anniversary of the "Little Demon" at the Russian Theater.

- So there is no time? Does it sprout with new shoots in the old place?

- Quite right. Energy is saved where it came from. The person who opened this valve for me in Riga never returned. But several times he sent me greetings from there.

- You see how important it is to meet your own people.

- You don't need to meet your own people. If not the same wave.

- Sologub, in the introduction to the novel, wrote something like this: “Do you think this author is so evil and bad? No, friends, this author wrote about you. These are you - evil and bad. " Could you subscribe to these words?

- I don't think he said much. The novel takes place at the turn of the nineteenth and twentieth centuries. The characters of the novel took part in the revolution and built a new state. They abandoned God in one day. He didn’t invent anyone. They are the intelligentsia, the gymnasium teachers. Future fighters with Samederzhav. And all the hero's monologues are preparation for murder. There is a brilliant monologue that the thought of murder is already murder. And the way the high school students are brought up, and how the directorate monitors the high school students, and what the high school students participate in in their free time - they participate in the battle - all this suggests that "there will be trouble." These are all very important things. Sologub wanted to leave, but his wife committed suicide and he stayed. He stopped communicating with people, and for the first time they began to call him "old man". He is a great writer, and the fact that he undeservedly entered the history of literature without great fame is not true. It has not been published for a hundred years. And he also has plays. He wrote the play "The Little Devil" himself. And he took part in the production.

- Do you stage his play?

- No, I wrote mine. Based on his novel. I deciphered for myself what happened to Sologub when he wrote this.

- Is the hero of Peredonov's novel a type?

( Shouts )

- This is not a type, but an event that is coming. There is trouble! Everything that happened afterwards - the GULAG, prisons, executions, destruction of churches - what type is this? This is what happened. It's scary that he is preparing to kill without regret! Even Fyodor Mikhailovich did not have this thought ...

- Yes, they all repented from him later.

- It's not even close. To end. He is waiting for the opportunity to realize this killing energy.

- Do you want to warn with this performance?

- Can this be warned? How naive you are ... Everything has already happened. The affairs of days gone by.

- Roman Grigorievich, you teach, you have so many students. Who can you name as the most talented?

- Nobody. It is not right. They are all talented. There are already those who have become the main chief. And even in various former Soviet republics. But not everything comes at once. Also, they don't do what they want them to do. And only what they consider necessary.

- Your student Igor Nevedrov, who played the main roles in the premieres of this and last seasons - "Wings from the Ashes" and "Mandelstam" - is now preparing his second performance as a stage director.

- Yes. He is very worried. But his face glows. And I'm glad of that.