Posted 19 ноября 2020,, 16:04

Published 19 ноября 2020,, 16:04

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Video of the day: a concrete slab from the roof of a skyscraper collapsed onto a car in Vladivostok

Video of the day: a concrete slab from the roof of a skyscraper collapsed onto a car in Vladivostok

19 ноября 2020, 16:04
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The security forces in Vladivostok began checking on the fact of an emergency with a concrete slab falling from the roof of a nine-story residential building onto a car that the owner was cleaning from snow at the time of the collapse.

An emergency with the fall of a concrete slab from the roof of a nine-story building in Vladivostok occurred on the morning of November 19. The owner of the car miraculously survived: hearing the noise, he jumped away literally a second before the massive concrete structure cut his car in half.

The authorities and security officials arrived at the scene of the emergency, the prosecutor's office began an inspection. The employees of the supervisory department found out that the house was not dilapidated or damaged.

"According to preliminary data, the visor of the ventilation shaft fell - it was pulled along by the wires, which froze and sagged", - RIA Novosti quotes a representative of the Primorsky Territory prosecutor's office.

The Vladivostok mayor's office said that the issue of paying compensation to the owner for the car destroyed by the stove would have to be decided in court.

On the eve of the incident, weather forecasters announced a storm warning in Primorye. Freezing rain fell on the territory of the region. It has formed an ice crust on residential buildings, roads, power lines and trees. Many structures, unable to withstand the weight of the ice, collapsed.

The element disrupted the power supply in ten districts of Vladivostok. About 30 thousand people were left without electricity. Many have lost the Internet. In the near future, temperatures will continue to drop in Primorye, snow will pass.