Posted 20 ноября 2020,, 16:43

Published 20 ноября 2020,, 16:43

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A robber took nine people hostage at a microfinance organization in Georgia

A robber took nine people hostage at a microfinance organization in Georgia

20 ноября 2020, 16:43
Фото: Sputnik
In Tbilisi, an armed man took nine people hostage at the office of the microfinance organization MVS. The incident took place on Tsereteli Street.

Police drove up to the scene and are currently negotiating with the invader, local TV channel Rustavi 2 reports . The area around the scene of the incident is cordoned off, the movement of cars is limited. Chapter patrol Vaja Siradze confirmed that nine of the hostages are held, according to Radio Sputnik-Georgia. The offender has not yet voiced his demands. According to Rustavi 2, one of the hostages managed to escape and is now being interrogated by the police.

According to eyewitnesses, a total of five people burst into the office with grenades, but the Georgian Interior Ministry has not yet confirmed the number of robbers. The hostage being interrogated now speaks of one attacker with a grenade in his hand.

Investigators have already opened a criminal case under two counts for the illegal purchase of weapons, according to the ministry's website.

Almost a month ago, an armed man broke into the bank of Georgia and took hostage the people there. The offender demanded a ransom of $ 500,000 . The incident took place in the city of Zugdidi, one of the employees managed to press the alarm button. Having received the ransom, he fled in a car with three hostages. An hour later he dropped them off and disappeared.