Posted 20 ноября 2020, 06:53

Published 20 ноября 2020, 06:53

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Ilya Varlamov: "For those who will not watch Solovyov, YouTube will be turned off"

20 ноября 2020, 06:53
One of the most famous bloggers in Russia, Ilya Varlamov, reacted to a draft law on counteracting foreign censorship submitted to the Duma. If the law is passed, Roskomnadzor could fully or partially block foreign sites, including Twitter, Facebook and YouTube.

In addition, they can be fined up to 3 million rubles or slow down their traffic. Roskomnadzor informs that "the initiative is aimed at protecting the rights of Russian citizens to freely search for and receive information, guaranteed by Article 29 of the country's Constitution". There is no need to look far for examples of such practice: in 2020, for example, 24 cases of censoring of Russian media by foreign Internet companies were identified. Russia Today, RIA Novosti, Sputnik, Tsargrad-TV, Crimea 24 were censored. Restrictions were imposed on watching the film "Beslan. Film by Alexander Rogatkin"...

However, the legislative initiative of the authorities caused bewilderment among liberal bloggers. Ilya Varlamov wrote a sharply critical post.

“You may have heard that the videos of the main propagandist of the post-Crimean era, Vladimir Solovyov, suddenly stopped falling into the YouTube trends”, - Ilya writes in LiveJournal. - In particular, his channel Solovyov LIVE suffered, which now has almost 500 thousand subscribers For a dear friend who with such inspiration broadcasts their brilliant ideas to the masses, Russian officials and deputies are very offended.

Yesterday Roskomnadzor demanded from Google "to remove the restrictions imposed on the YouTube channel Solovyov LIVE of the Russian journalist V. Solovyov:

"As it became known, since October of this year, the channel's video materials have not been included in the" Trending "YouTube section, although this happened regularly before. This situation can be regarded as an attempt by the YouTube administration to restrict the distribution of materials by a popular Russian author, to prevent the growth of his audience. that YouTube video hosting is obliged to bring the rules of the site in accordance with the current legislation of the Russian Federation".

Today, the deputies have already got the idea for Vladimir Rudolfovich. They submitted a bill to the State Duma on counteracting foreign censorship...

Incredibly, for some reason, Roskomnadzor does not report thousands of cases of censoring of the media and social networks by both Roskomnadzor itself and the security forces dispatched to seek sedition. Here, the rights of Russians, guaranteed by Article 29 of the Constitution of the Russian Federation, apparently, are not violated in any way?

Here, it is probably important to explain that YouTube trends are a completely unpredictable thing, and it is not so easy to get there, especially with such a small number of views and small reach like Solovyov's. If you go into YouTube trends, you will see that there are mostly entertainment content channels with millions of views. Political videos are not particularly trending. When Solovyov just started working on his YouTube channel, his videos really often found themselves in trends, and everyone was very surprised how this happened, given their small reach. Then they began to suspect that he may have used cheating or turned to some these are agencies that promote videos and bring them into trends.

There are various technologies, when buying crops, links, and so on, which deceive YouTube's algorithms, bringing your content to the top. All this costs money. But since Yutub is constantly changing its algorithms so that the same trends are (in the opinion of Youtube itself) as objective as possible, perhaps Solovyov's team realized that it was wrong to do this. Or maybe he was generally banned for cheating - this also happens.

But by the standards of YouTube, Solovyov has no place in trends at all with his content, with his views and with his audience. Now I go into trends and see Labelcom there, then Dudya, then Lyadova, then some kind of football... The fact that Solovyov is not in YTub's trends is Solovyov's fault. He can only be advised not to look for any problems, but to make better quality content - and then, perhaps, he will appear there.

Another thing is not clear... Why do our TV presenters, defenders of scrapers and other highly spiritual persons still actively use such tools of American propaganda and popularization of the Western way of life as YouTube and Twitter? Why is the disagreeable "Telegram" conducted every day? There are a lot of worthy domestic projects! "Rutube", "TamTam", "Odnoklassniki", after all. There is a "Kontaktik", wrested from Durov, which is monitored day and night by snoopers, "eshniki" and FSB officers, eager for careless comments. Aren't these ideal platforms for advocacy? Why do you need this digital meadow of the Decaying West?

Leave it to the damned liberals and the fifth column! I would suggest that our officials and deputies still be consistent. If you do not want propagandists to suffer on YouTube and Twitter, prohibit the propagandists from using YouTube and Twitter! And here are the normal people who went to the world's main video hosting site to stick into the new Little Big video or learn how to cook pancakes in olandez sauce? Why smear a thin layer of nightingale droppings all over the internet? Let your target audience enjoy it!

But if the "enemy" sites are closed at all, nothing bad will happen either. Telegram was closed and closed, but it was overstrained and fucked up... If YouTube is banned, even more Russians (I think, about +10 million) will install a VPN for themselves, and that's all. We are ready to release so many IPs from under supervision - go ahead! Then all that remains is to ban smartphones and laptops, create a unified state social network and pre-certify all posts in it by a notary and send them by telegram to the newly formed Ministry of Truth".