Posted 20 ноября 2020, 13:59

Published 20 ноября 2020, 13:59

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It doesn't work! Electric buses in Moscow massively stopped due to the onset of cold weather

20 ноября 2020, 13:59
Despite the triumphant reports that electric buses have successfully replaced the good old trolleybuses, this is absolutely not the case.
Moscow region

Novye Izvestia devoted more space to the problem of electric buses than all other Russian media combined, analyzing it thoroughly and convincingly. And in almost every article, the thought that changing trolleybuses to electric buses was far from always justified was a red thread. However, it did not help, the last trolleybus passed through Moscow at the end of August, and with the electric buses exactly what the newspaper has written about is happening.

The post of the popular blogger Georgy Krasnikov is another proof of this: as soon as the cold came, the batteries of the vaunted domestic electric buses were massively denied, and Muscovites now have nothing to get to work. And this is even during a pandemic, when people take to the streets very rarely, and what would have happened if quarantine had not been introduced - it's even scary to imagine!

But Sobyanin and Liksutova warned repeatedly that their vaunted electric buses are an absolutely raw thing, not brought to a normal state, that it needs to be run in at short distances, improve, eliminate shortcomings ... But no, the ambitions and stubbornness of the bosses are stronger than anything mind! The most important thing for them was to destroy the hated trolleybuses!

But two-thirds of the "horned" ones were replaced not by electric buses, but by smelly diesel buses...

Now it turns out that in the cold the batteries do not hold a charge from the notion “at all”.

And it is in vain that the Liksutov office of Deptrans refutes the obvious facts in its telegram channel: this is not a "short-term technical failure" at all, but an ongoing catastrophe. First, the electric buses froze on Prospekt Budyonny, then under the Krestovsky bridge, and now at the terminal station of the Ozernaya metro station - routes M4 and M17. Passengers freeze at stops and rejoice at innovative technologies.

To all the objections that trolleybuses also got stuck in traffic jams, because they could not go around the accident sites, there is a very good St. Petersburg experience when autonomous engines were simply put on the "horned" ones so that they could bypass accidents or de-energized sections.

But goodwill was needed for this ... No, in Moscow, instead of spending 18 million rubles apiece on the modernization of trolleybuses, they preferred to throw 56 million rubles away for breaking and freezing electric junk.