Posted 20 ноября 2020,, 14:07

Published 20 ноября 2020,, 14:07

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Love and androids: a video about a Russian cyberpunk village on Mars conquers the Internet

Love and androids: a video about a Russian cyberpunk village on Mars conquers the Internet

20 ноября 2020, 14:07
Фото: Birchpunk
YouTube channel Birchpunk ("Birch punk"), which was opened just three days ago, apparently very soon will become a millionaire.

The authors posted the first video only yesterday, but this is such a masterpiece that views are growing at a fantastic rate: only during the writing of this article it increased from 70,000 to 283,000!

“Hello from Russia!” Says the peasant Nikolai in a vest and a quilted jacket. With a characteristic Russian accent, but in a confident English, he takes a tour of his eco-farm and cheerfully talks about life in the cyber village.

As "Novye Izvestia" found out, the filming was carried out on the territory of the family eco-farm "Sytnye Sady" in the village of Kisva, Pronsky district, Ryazan region.

However, at the end of the video it becomes clear that according to the plot the action takes place not on Earth, but on the "red planet" as part of the Russian space program for the colonization of Mars (not without reason on one of the sheds in the video there is a poster with a photograph of Dmitry Rogozin and the call to "make a red planet green ").

“My name is Nikolai, I am a peasant from the Ryazan region. Our farm produces milk, cheese, eggs and many other types of products.

It's a lie that we are a technically backward country!

Here are the newest robots released by Izhevsk Dynamics Corporation. The government gives androids to help run business, ”says Nikolay, introducing his“ colleagues”.

“…Someone says that we have bad roads. This is complete crap! (“Zis from bullshit”!) But we suffer from air turbulence, ”says Nikolay, taking off over the road in his old UAZ-ike with turbojet engines instead of wheels.

The Russian Post wagon delivers parcels and correspondence to the cyber village by air, but it can still take two years...

An alien ship hovers over the cybervillage, but you shouldn't be afraid of aliens. “For scrap metal”, - - Nikolai waved his hand.

Showing the wooden toilet booth, he proudly explains, "Wee dont nid cesspool enimor." Well, that is, a cesspool is no longer needed, since this is a "high technology utilization system", a high-tech utilization system, all "waste" is sent - where do you think? - directly into a black hole, into space.

Nikolai says that the farm is expanding, so more human workers are needed, and he invites new employees from all over the world.

“Friendly team, big ambitions, here. Communications, high responsibility, best conditions”, - the farmer promises and demonstrates the harvest - “fraktal cucumber”, a giant fractal cucumber. And in the evenings Nikolai drinks - but not vodka at all, but "Genetically Modified Kombucha".

As it turns out, Nikolai, although he is married, plays shura-mura with the local milkmaid Glasha, an android model GLASHA; "We have love, something like that".

And yet, Nikolai has a "dovecote" - only here he does not breed pigeons, but copters. Little copters-chicks, waving their wings and waiting to meet their master, this is something!

For this reference to the popularly beloved picture "Love and Doves" by Vladimir Menshov, commentators especially thank the authors of the video.

In the video, which ends with panoramic shots from space, when it becomes clear that this Russian cyber village is on Mars, there is still a lot of sparkling humor: you are guaranteed to smile for all 4 minutes and 30 seconds.

The ability to laugh at oneself plus, of course, love for the homeland and our people who do not lose their presence of mind under any circumstances and can always find a solution to any problem - it seems that these are the ingredients for the success of this incomparable mini-film.

And here is what the commentators write (spelling and punctuation preserved):

STORIES FROM THE RAVEN: Gentlemen, I demand the immediate continuation of this booth.

Denis Alenin: Better than the many millions of Bondarchuk films filmed 🤭

GMD13: Copters flew .. gray-gray flew! Great and high quality work, well done

Yuri Bedrin: Fractal Cucumber just tore

Daria Ostromoukhova: the best I 've seen recently)

You can watch the video on YouTube. At the request of the Russian authorities, we cannot provide a hyperlink, since the video uses Russian profanity twice (but not very clearly).

"Copters flew, flew, gray,

Across the field, across the pole,

Oh, yes across the sky again.

Oh, iron you, bird, you do not understand me,

Everything flies over the earth

Copter-bird without a nest.

An android sat on the ground with his head bowed,

Why does the robot yearn, but from a new upgrade.

Oh yes you are what the system is, how to deal with you?

We don't know anything about you, only we like everything.

... And the robot bird took off, the blades do not spin,

The battery is dead

GPS will not load.

He flies at a height, but at a special frequency,

The copter rustles its wings, and flies across the sky,

It's like a buzzing bumblebee

I hear radio noise.

We know: robots are omnipotent,

It is a pity that robots are not us ... "