Posted 20 ноября 2020,, 07:13

Published 20 ноября 2020,, 07:13

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Question of the day: will Putin have mercy on Yefremov?

Question of the day: will Putin have mercy on Yefremov?

20 ноября 2020, 07:13
A petition for clemency written by the injured party should already be on the president's desk.

Mikhail Yefremov reconciled with the victims in the criminal case on the fatal road accident in which Sergey Zakharov died. Moreover, the family of the deceased is already asking Putin to pardon Yefremov, reports Komsomolskaya Pravda, which learned these details from the artist's new lawyer Andrei Aleshkin, who admitted:

“We met with Dobrovinsky (lawyer of the Zakharov family, ed.) And signed a truce with the victims. The Zakharov family has no complaints about their client. Now the victims will ask the president for clemency”.

As you know, Yefremov was sentenced to 7.5 years in prison and four lawyers are working to rescue him from a colony in the Belgorod region.

Popular blogger Ilya Valiyev comments on this news:

“After Putin's signature on the amnesty petition, they will be released instantly. Through the courts - but with a petition from relatives and Putin's signature, within a couple of weeks. But alcohol is such an infection. He, of course, thinks he has quit drinking for good. But alcohol doesn't think so. Can break loose. And then sit behind the wheel again. You need to be treated. And for a long time. And to realize that if you are an "alcoholic", then this is for life. Don't call yourself a "jolly drunkard". And to say “hello, I am Mikhail Yefremov, an alcoholic - in the first place, and an artist - in the second place”.

But another popular blogger Matsam is not so categorical: “I have a great attitude towards Mikhail. It's purely personal. But, as it seems to me, all this is some kind of beautifully orchestrated action, from the very beginning to its logical conclusion. At first, two utter idiot lawyers turned the court into a clownery with silly non-admissions of guilt and other shocking statements. The campaign “This is not him”, “The KGB set up and organized” was well organized. Then came a sad repentance, an admission of guilt and a lost look. Brilliantly played! And when the media space was mastered, and everyone began to feel sorry for the "clown" and the "fool", when they skimmed the cream on all the crazy TV shows, in which relatives from both sides participated, then true professional lawyers entered the case.

Yes, and all as one close friends of Yefremov behaved very calmly, judging in a balanced manner and sympathetic in silence. And now everything depends on Putin, who most likely treats gouging with fatherly warmth, because he is his own, from the old theatrical nomenclature, who always served the Power, even slightly nibbling at it...

And a year later, when the pandemic is forgotten, at the next concert dedicated to the Day of Police, we will most likely see Yefremov and people in uniform... Or even at the birthday party of the FSB, but people in civilian clothes will laugh. And then a medal or even an order for the 60th anniversary will be awarded if he takes the path of realization and correction..."