Posted 23 ноября 2020,, 07:19

Published 23 ноября 2020,, 07:19

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Personal experience: "Online education in schools is murder, slow and sophisticated ..."

Personal experience: "Online education in schools is murder, slow and sophisticated ..."

23 ноября 2020, 07:19
Distance learning should be possible only as a temporary measure and only in a very critical situation, and if it drags on, as we see today, it is necessary to completely change the curriculum, load, number of lessons, and not pretend that everything is possible, as before, only to fulfill the plan.

Philosophy teacher and civic activist Yevdokia Sheremeteva shared her rather difficult impressions of her sixth-grade daughter studying at school. No wonder this post has collected almost three thousand likes:

“My daughter is in 6th grade.

Every morning at 8.45 she sits at the screen and sits at the computer until 15.30. Learning.

7 lessons. Everyday. Monday through Friday. At the monitor. With breaks for 15 minutes.

The only lesson in "happiness" is physical education.

It feeds in fits and starts right in front of the screen. Teachers are often released later because lessons usually do not start right away - until teachers wait for all students to be in the system. This takes some time. I am silent about the fact that the electronic system hangs and periodically problems with the Internet or a computer. This is not essential, because sooner or later this very system will be improved.

When lesson 7 ends, I try to get the child out of the house.

Walk, take a walk. My daughter yells at me that she cannot, because she needs to do her homework. Usually this is followed by a scandal and I, threatening with a phone fence or something else, force me to go out into the street. I make the child go out. This has never happened.

After an hour and a half of walking, where we go to the horizontal bars to stretch our back, the child runs home. All the way, she only says how much they were asked, and that everything should be done as soon as possible in order to go to bed early, because she did not get enough sleep and could hardly get up.

Homework has always taken a lot of time even before distance learning, but now it has been added to the fact that, in fact, the assimilation of the material to a large extent goes on independently.

On average, she does her homework until 23:00, sometimes until 00. Well, it doesn't work earlier.

My child is not neat and not an excellent student. In places not collected, not organized, in places a hooligan, but she is not a poor student and a capable, quick-thinking girl.

She doesn't study all the time. And she often misses many lessons.

She, like many children, turns off the camera and the sound during the lesson ... stupid. A child cannot, like an adult, concentrate attention constantly, looking at the screen. He has other mechanisms of information perception. And the teacher, not seeing the class together at once, as one organism, cannot assess the degree of assimilation of the material. I say this as a teacher - a class, a group - a single organism. And through the zoom, the body is fragmented and it is not whole. And each organism has a different approach and a different presentation of the same material. The teacher cannot understand how much he was heard and understood. And such things can be seen without words - an experienced teacher can appreciate all this by seeing faces in front of his eyes at one moment, and not squares on the screen. And yes, when you see everyone together, you know where and how and who to switch. This is not possible from the screen.

I allowed my daughter to skip classes, which she wants, except for the main ones. Allowed not to do homework that she doesn't want. So she said - let there be two. And of course there are plenty of twos. What to do. I thought it would help.

Does not help.

She is flying for days at the computer. This is how the system works. To look at homework - go to the computer. Take a photo, send - all through gadgets. Half of the materials are in electronic form. And yes, she didn't like having a lot of twos, and she tries not to get them, even though I allowed.

From morning to night, from morning to night.

And on the weekend she ... does her homework.

They ask a lot. And they cannot not ask, because from above they demand reports from the teachers and they must make sure that the children learn the material, and without school it is impossible.

The teachers are not to blame. My daughter studies in one of the best Moscow schools, and, naturally, the latter does not want to lose in quality and the teachers try to give good material. And they give it.

Explain and understand children. They are good fellows and themselves placed in harsh conditions. I attended several of my daughter's lessons and I will say that my daughter's teachers are great. But...

The daughter began to complain of headaches, which she had never had.

I was lucky to be the mother of a healthy child who almost never got sick. And I don't like what I've been seeing lately. And yes, the eyes get very tired. And I do not want her to become bespectacled - but this is where it all goes.

Serious problems with posture began, which were not there either. And I think this is a serious problem.

She became nervous, irritable.

And yes, my daughter has a difficult age - adolescence. And at the moment when she least of all wants to spend time with her parents around the clock. The nature is so arranged that at this age they try to separate. We often quarrel with her, it is not clear for what reason. We say it all later, make up. But she has stress, real stress. She was tired of me, the computer and the small live communication with friends.

It is hard for her to sit so much within four walls. She herself does not understand this, but I see. The psyche of a teenager is structured differently than the psyche of an adult. I have not seen the exact statistics, but I am sure that the number of suicides among adolescents has increased dramatically. The ideal conditions have been created for this.

My friends who have no children joke that this is, they say, temporary, wait. Give advice, exercise, run, or whatever. But only the child wants to LIE all his free time and not go anywhere. Because there is no strength.

Speaking temporarily? Defeat the virus and uhhhh?!


Yes Yes.

By the week, by the week. And everyone gets used to it. The usual Overton window in action. If we were told right away that online training until the end of the year, everyone would be startled. And so - for a week, for two, they prolong the nightmare called Distance Education. Be patient, not for long! And everyone got used to it. We got used to this new flawed reality.

Obviously the fucking virus won't end on January 15, why feed with lies? Remote control exactly until spring. MINIMUM.

The school is not only for teaching, but primarily for communication. Otherwise, we would have switched to homeschooling a long time ago without these zooms, "meshes" (MESh - Moscow electronic school system) and Google classes. I have a chat with classmates, and we remember how we played tricks at school. How they fell in love, made friends, quarreled, staged performances together, went on hikes. How we LIVED, and not just at school. Somehow in biology, a skeleton was taken out of a closet throughout the school when the teacher left. They threw buckwheat, erasers and caps. (Strongly condemn!)) And no one remembered how well he wrote the test and how cool and productive he learned the logarithms.

And I understand - my child does not have this now. And it probably won't.

This is not possible through the screen.

In the spring, many said - come on, be patient for a week and everything will be over.

Open your eyes - it won't end.

This horror for at least a few years, or maybe it will become the new norm.

The child sits in the room for most of the day, as if in solitary confinement. Yes, with gadgets and chats.

But the child is alone.

This is murder.

Slow and sophisticated.

Distance learning is NOT EQUAL to face-to-face study in any way. To pretend that nothing happened and everything is the same, only from home - blindness or deliberate sabotage.

And if this horror is not canceled, we will raise a generation of ignoramuses. A new term has already appeared - "covid" generation.

My opinion:

I am against distance learning, but I understand that this is a reality that we can no longer avoid and will not completely remove it. But such training should be possible only as a TEMPORARY measure and only in a very critical situation. If this conditional time is delayed (which we are now observing), it is necessary to completely change the curriculum, the load, the number of lessons, and not pretend that everything is possible, as before, just to fulfill the plan. Let the children learn a class more, for example. Although the option is so-so.

The mental and physical health of the future generation is most important. And yes, the introduction of distance learning, as an alternative to full-time education, cannot be allowed. For this parents cannot be silent anymore..."