Posted 24 ноября 2020,, 06:45

Published 24 ноября 2020,, 06:45

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Updated 24 декабря 2022,, 22:37

In 2021 pension in average will grow by a thousand rubles

In 2021 pension in average will grow by a thousand rubles

24 ноября 2020, 06:45
Yelena Bibikova, the Deputy Head of the Federation Council Committee on Social Policy, spoke about the planned indexation of pensions next year. According to her, payments to non-working pensioners will be indexed by 6.3%, which is almost twice the inflation rate (according to forecasts, it will be 3.7-3.8%).

“That is, the average pension will increase by one thousand rubles”, - said the deputy chairman of the Federation Council committee in an interview with Parlamentskaya Gazeta.

She noted that from February 1, payments to veterans of military operations and disabled people of all categories will increase.

"Here the size of the indexation is determined based on the consumer price index for the previous year", - explained Bibikova.

Currently, this figure is at the level of 3.8%.

In addition, she pointed out that from April 1, 2021, the social pension will be indexed by the value of the “predicted growth index of the pensioner's subsistence minimum”. So far this is 2.6%, but in the future the figure will be adjusted.

According to the parliamentarian, not only material, but also social support is important, and caring for the elderly in Russia is of particular importance due to the aging population, which has affected the whole world. She stressed that the Russian Federation is interested in senior citizens "as long as possible to be healthy, provided, lead an active lifestyle".

However, in fact, numerous polls show that only 22% of Russians expect to live on retirement in old age. The rest hope either to work until the grave, or to support their children and grandchildren.

Let us recall that a new version of the pension system has been proposed in Russia - with ranks.