Posted 24 ноября 2020,, 06:34

Published 24 ноября 2020,, 06:34

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Nicolas Sarkozy faces 10 years in prison for corruption

Nicolas Sarkozy faces 10 years in prison for corruption

24 ноября 2020, 06:34
The trial of 65-year-old former French President Nicolas Sarkozy, accused of corruption and trading in influence, has begun in Paris.

In addition to Nicolas Sarkozy, his lawyer and friend Thierry Herzog, as well as the ex-prosecutor at the Court of Cassation Gilbert Azibert, appear in the "wiretapping case", reports.

The former French leader is accused of corruption and trading in influence, and Erzog and Azibert, in addition, are also accused of "divulging the secrets of the investigation". None of the accused admits his guilt.

Prosecutors are confident that Sarkozy could have obtained confidential information from the prosecutor through the mediation of his lawyer, including about wiretaps on which the investigators put his phones on other investigations (for example, in the "Libyan case" - "Bettencourt case").

Also, according to representatives of the prosecution, the former president asked the prosecutor Aziber to "assist" in passing a favorable court decision, and through the Court of Cassation demanded that the prosecutor's office be prohibited from examining his work schedule when he was the head of state.

According to the prosecutor's office, Gilbert Azibert asked for a high position in the principality of Monaco for his "service".

According to the presented articles, Sarkozy could face up to 10 years in prison, a fine of 1 million euros, deprivation of personal and civil rights, and a ban on holding a position in the civil service.

The ex-president insists on his complete innocence. He explains that Aziber did not receive any post in Monaco, and the decision of the Court of Cassation "on the timetable" was not in his favor.

Recall that in October Sarkozy was also accused of creating a criminal community during the 2007 election campaign. According to the prosecutor's office, Sarkozy's participation in the election race for the presidency was allegedly funded by Libya.

After leaving the post of head of state, Sarkozy became a defendant in several criminal cases at once, which concern attempts to illegally obtain classified information and illegally finance the 2012 election campaign.

Sarkozy became the first French president to be accused of corruption.