Posted 24 ноября 2020,, 07:06

Published 24 ноября 2020,, 07:06

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Real estate lesson at school № 627: how adults took away the whole house from the children

Real estate lesson at school № 627: how adults took away the whole house from the children

24 ноября 2020, 07:06
In the pandemic, the next "optimizers" became more active - and they encroached on the sacred: the right of children to a decent education.

Taking advantage of the "window", when many educational institutions went to distance learning, interested parties "inventory" the real estate of budgetary educational institutions. School № 627 was one of the victims.

Julia Suntsova

School No. 627 is considered one of the most popular in Moscow; many parents are eager to send their children here. In addition to the unique Waldorf pedagogy and elite language classes, the educational institution is also remarkable for the fact that it has five buildings in the central part of the capital.

In the midst of the pandemic, when the children were disbanded for home schooling, the parent council accidentally learns that one of the school's educational buildings - a four-story building of 3000 square meters, accommodating 400 students, "made legs". The owner of the building, the Moscow City Property Department, took the right for operational management from the Moscow City State Budgetary Educational Institution "School No. 627" and handed it over to the Moscow State Autonomous Institution "Institute of Additional Professional Education of Social Workers" of the Moscow Department of Labor and Social Protection. and the school administration itself, on the other hand, it was apparently impossible to refuse the Moscow Department of Education and Science.

"Based on the appeal of the Department of Education and Science of the City of Moscow, the Department of City Property of the City of Moscow issued an order dated February 13, 2020 to terminate the right of operational management of the State Budgetary Educational Institution of School No. 627 to the building at the specified address", - says Yelena, First Deputy Head of the Moscow City Property Department Spessivtseva to the Moscow City Duma deputy Yelena Shuvalova.

The Moscow Department of Science and Education itself, on behalf of Deputy Head Alexander Garilov, nods to the initiative allegedly coming from the school itself, explaining that the Civil Code of the Russian Federation "provides an institution or a state enterprise with the opportunity to abandon property assigned to it on the basis of operational management". For this, the official emphasizes, the holder of the right must necessarily coordinate his decision with the owner of the property.

The building on the 1st Kazachiy Lane used to house the primary classes of the linguistic department of school № 627. In 2014, it was temporarily closed to eliminate the consequences of a "serious accident": a beam in the attic fell. Since then, for the seventh year now, the beam has been lifted and lifted, and the schoolchildren have become denser and denser in the remaining buildings. At the same time, the collapsed structure, apparently, does not in any way prevent the owners from changing the windows in the room, reconstructing the heating point, water supply and sewerage system, cleaning the adjacent territory and cleaning the roof of snow, ice and icicles (the Parents' Council found applications for performing the corresponding types of work on public procurements).

Руководство школы №627 обещало сохранить корпус на Казачьем переулке до тех самых пор, пока родители не нашли документ, что оно уже передано другому юрлицу Руководство школы №627 обещало сохранить корпус на Казачьем переулке до тех самых пор, пока родители не нашли документ, что оно уже передано другому юрлицу
Руководство школы №627 обещало сохранить корпус на Казачьем переулке до тех самых пор, пока родители не нашли документ, что оно уже передано другому юрлицу

All these years, various officials and structures periodically report on the repairs. So, in December 2017, the chairman of Moskomexpertiza Valery Leonov promised a major renovation of the building: “One of the buildings of school No. 627 named after General D.D. Lelyushenko, located in the Yakimanka district of the Central Administrative District of the capital School No. 627 is located at 10 1st Kazachy Lane, Building 1 (the message from his words was distributed on the official website of the Mayor of Moscow on 07.12.2017).

On December 20, 2017, at a meeting of the Governing Council, the director of the school Lyudmila Pavlyuchenko, according to the protocol, stated that it was in the interests of the educational institution to retain the design capacity of the building at 10 Kazachiy Lane, building 1: “[they] are necessary for successful functioning of the educational institution”, - she said.

On November 8, 2018, a response was received from the Head of the Directorate of the Moscow Department of Education about the conclusion of the state contract No. NPR / 2018-1 - for an instrumental examination of the state of load-bearing, enclosing structures and the development of a technical opinion for the building of the State Budgetary Educational Institution School No. 627 located at: Moscow, 1st Kazachiy lane, 10, building 1.

Through its official channels in social networks, the school administration has also more than once reported to the public in great detail about the repairs and maintenance of the “building with a collapsed beam” already carried out.

Нарушения санитарного законодательства (превышенную плотность по ученикам на существующие мощности) подтвердил РоспотребнадзорНарушения санитарного законодательства (превышенную плотность по ученикам на существующие мощности) подтвердил Роспотребнадзор
Нарушения санитарного законодательства (превышенную плотность по ученикам на существующие мощности) подтвердил Роспотребнадзор

The last official news was almost a year ago (December 7, 2019). On approval by Mosexpertiza of the project documentation "for the capital construction object" Comprehensive overhaul of the State Budgetary Educational Institution School No. 627 at the address 1st Kazachiy per. d. 10, p. 1 "was reported on the official website of the GBOU (SBGEI) School No. 627.

In 2020, in the meantime, Rospotrebnadzor suspected something was wrong and conducted an unscheduled field check in all the school buildings. I checked the data on complaints from parents - on the subject of recruitment and occupancy of classes at school № 627.

Despite the shortcomings and administrative courts repeatedly identified by Rospotrebnadzor, the situation with overload in the school not only has not changed, but has worsened, the parents say.

"The buildings on Lyusinovskaya and Zhitnaya streets are overcrowded. For the 2020-2021 academic year, only 20 percent more children were recruited into the building on Lyusinovskaya Street than last year. The parent staff continues to initiate meetings with the school leadership. By this day, more than 900 signatures have already been collected under the parents' appeal with demands to take measures to unload the educational institution and return the building to the school on Kazachy Lane", - says Anna Shatunovskaya-Byurno.

In a strange manner, the parents met with the school administration, when the latter literally caught the administration of lying.

"It was July 31st. Parents of schoolchildren from several educational buildings gathered, the director of the school herself Lyudmila Pavlyuchenko, her deputy, teachers and members of the Governing Council of the school. The parents have already asked the management directly. How is it - having violated all the promises made earlier, despite the publicly announced information about the preservation of the building on Kazachy, with the existing instructions on non-compliance with the norms for squares per child, you part with the building? The school director replied that the school building is still under the operational control of the school [there is a record]. Then the outraged parents simply showed an entry from the Unified State Register of Real Estate, refuting her words. The Rosreestr extract in black and white testified: the building was transferred to another legal entity. The director and members of the Governing Council reacted in a peculiar way to the parents' requests to comment on their own lies: they simultaneously got up from the table and left the meeting", - says Alexander Ryzhov.

In the meantime, a lot of serious-minded officials and no less responsible supervisors are watching the repair of the attic beam, pupils of school 627 continue to gnaw the granite of science in extremely cramped conditions.

It was the transfer of the building on Kazachy Lane that created a critical load on the rest of the buildings, the parents say.

"Rest during breaks is more like rush hour on the subway. There is pandemonium in the canteens, so only children from privileged categories of families, for whom tables are set in advance, can dine, while the rest of the students spend the whole recess standing in lines. It's the same story with toilets. The building on Lyusinovskaya, built back in the 30s of the last century, was not designed for such a number of elementary grades, so the schoolyard is very overloaded, it is impossible to take all the children out on the street at the same time. As a result, extended day groups either do not walk at all, or traumatic situations arise in the courtyard of the school due to overcrowding, worse, some of the children are sometimes forced to walk in front of the school, breathing exhaust gases from a busy highway passing several meters away", - says a member of the parent council Olga Zharikov.

The building on Zhitnaya Street (the former A.N. Ostrovsky School), once one of the best schools in the central Moscow district, also lacks space for classrooms. In violation of sanitary standards, children are engaged in the basement floor. The tiny changing room does not hold all the students; children leave their clothes in the walk-through corridor or carry them to classrooms.

The manager at the building on 1st Kazachy Lane was replaced by the appropriate decision of the Department of Property Relations of the city of Moscow and with the direct participation of the school. This decision, undoubtedly, runs counter to the legitimate interests of children studying at school № 627, and should be canceled, the parents believe.

"We demand to conduct an official check of the actions and decisions of all officials involved in the transfer of the school building on 1st Kazachy Lane to the operational management of another organization, as well as regularly misinforming the parent public and deputies of the Moscow City Duma and the Yakimanka District Municipal Assembly", - they write in all requests from parents.

In response, so far - only tons of formal replies and PR campaigns to discredit parents who are trying to fight for the rights of their children.

"The school administration reacted strangely to the parents' attempts to return the floating building, to the collection of signatures. Parents on behalf of the alleged school teachers began to receive mass mailings. The letter says that Olga Zharikova, that is, I, and other members of the "self-proclaimed Council of Parents of Criminal Code No. 4" are playing their unnecessary games to collect signatures against everything... and destabilize the work of the school", - comments Olga Zharikova.

Attention, of course, cannot but attract the beautiful phrase "the self-proclaimed Parents 'Council", and representatives or assistants of the school administration, sending out such slander, apparently count on the ignorance of the addressees of the legislation on education, which directly says that the Parents' Council is being created on the initiative of these same parents as legal representatives of students. And it is created regardless of whether the school administration likes it or not, but parents can and should fight for the rights of their children.

В оправданиях руководства так и нет ответа на вопрос: "Зачем всё-таки слили корпус на Казачьем переулке?"В оправданиях руководства так и нет ответа на вопрос: "Зачем всё-таки слили корпус на Казачьем переулке?"
В оправданиях руководства так и нет ответа на вопрос: "Зачем всё-таки слили корпус на Казачьем переулке?"

The school administration has taken a defensive position and prefers not to communicate with journalists on this topic. To inquiries from government agencies, the prosecutor's office, in particular, the school management sends the most laconic answers (as in interrogations).

But they still do not answer the main question. Why was it necessary to part with the four-story building on Kazachy Lane in conditions of high workload?