Posted 25 ноября 2020,, 06:39

Published 25 ноября 2020,, 06:39

Modified 24 декабря 2022,, 22:37

Updated 24 декабря 2022,, 22:37

Infectionist stated tighter fines are needed for those violating quarantine

Infectionist stated tighter fines are needed for those violating quarantine

25 ноября 2020, 06:39
If citizens do not stop ignoring the recommendations of the authorities and doctors, it will not be possible to reach a plateau for coronavirus, says Georgy Vikulov, infectious disease doctor, head of the Scientific Information Center for the Prevention and Treatment of Viral Infections.

The expert is sure that to solve the current situation, it is worth applying an integrated approach. That is, more actively explain to the population the importance of all measures taken, as well as increase the amount of fines.

"We should have more substantial fines. It is worth more actively to conduct educational work, to involve actors and famous people in it, and not to intimidate everyone. It is necessary to explain in accessible language why all these preventive measures need to be followed. But you should not immediately fine, first you need to warn, and only then fine", - the doctor said in an interview with radio Sputnik.

He noted that in some cases, citizens not only do not comply with the recommendations, but also write complaints against Rospotrebnadzor. At the same time, Vikulov recalled, often not only masks, but also gloves are absolutely necessary to protect against infection. He is sure that people should understand the full significance of measures, and not change over them.

"To use gloves, a well-thought-out sequence of actions is required. Gloves are desirable if the person is in contact with the surface. For example, he walks into a bank and touches the buttons of ATMs with his bare hands, which may be contaminated even outside the pandemic", - the doctor explained.

On October 28, a nationwide mask regime was introduced in Russia. Residents of all cities must comply with it in public transport, crowded places and at work. From the same day, the work of bars and restaurants was also limited, which henceforth are open only until 23:00. In addition, a two-week quarantine was introduced in Buryatia on November 16.

In the meantime, we recall that Russia is breaking its own records in terms of mortality from coronavirus per day and the daily increase in cases. According to the latter indicator, the country also entered the top three, where the United States remains in first place, and India is in second.