Posted 26 ноября 2020,, 13:06

Published 26 ноября 2020,, 13:06

Modified 24 декабря 2022,, 22:37

Updated 24 декабря 2022,, 22:37

Mass vaccination against covid to begin in December

Mass vaccination against covid to begin in December

26 ноября 2020, 13:06
Mass vaccination against the new coronavirus infection will start in Russia before the New Year, said Presidential Press Secretary Dmitry Peskov. The exact date, however, has not yet been announced.

- I can't say the exact date. The task is to ensure that these are the minimum stages and provide for everyone as soon as possible. The challenge is daunting. As now each state faces this task, so it is before us, - said the press secretary of the head of state.

He stressed that vaccination will be free and voluntary. The vaccination company, Peskov specified, will be held in stages, taking into account the "geography" of the country and the peculiarities of the storage of drugs, writes EADaily.

Recall that the head of the general virology department of the Chumakov Scientific Center of the Russian Academy of Sciences, Georgy Ignatiev, suggested that vaccination against coronavirus would be annual. Now the specialists of the center. Chumakov, the third Russian vaccine against covid is being developed. During the tests, the volunteers (the drug was tested on 300 subjects) did not show any adverse reactions. In the meantime, the country has already registered two vaccines against coronavirus. The first was developed by the Gamaleya National Research Center. It was named Sputnik V. The second - "EpiVacCorona" - scientific center "Vector" Rospotrebnadzor.