Posted 27 ноября 2020,, 08:09

Published 27 ноября 2020,, 08:09

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"They didn't see the work": Kozhemyako fired an official who did not help residents of Russky Island

"They didn't see the work": Kozhemyako fired an official who did not help residents of Russky Island

27 ноября 2020, 08:09
The head of the Primorsky Territory, Oleg Kozhemyako, dismissed the head of the administrative-territorial administration (ATA) of the Russkiy Island for not helping local residents after the cyclone. Now the official will be brought to justice.

Many houses on the island remain without electricity since 18 November. Electricity supply in Russkoye was partially restored. Some homes had to be connected to a generator for only a few hours a day. At the same time, 3.5 kilometers of copper cable were stolen. This, of course, had a negative impact on the speed and ability to restore power supply.

"For failure to take measures to provide assistance to the population, the head of the administrative-territorial administration of Russky Island will be removed from his duties. In the near future, one of the deputy heads of Vladivostok will supervise the work of the municipal authorities on the island. This decision was made governor of the Primorsky Territory Oleg Kozhemyako at a meeting of the regional operational headquarters for liquidation of emergency on Friday, November 27", - stated in the report of the regional government.

Kozhemyako said that the head of the ATU of the island, Irina Pan Russkiy, showed an irresponsible attitude towards her duties to provide assistance to the inhabitants of the island during an emergency.

"She did not cope with her duties, we did not see any work there. During the week, they repeatedly visited the Russian Island, never saw her, did not hear from the population a single word of gratitude for the work rendered. By the decision of the Committee for Emergency Situations for failure to take measures to provide assistance to the population, remove the head of the administrative-territorial department from work", - said Kozhemyako, asking the head of Vladivostok Oleg Gumenyuk to make sure that "she will be held accountable".

According to official figures, additional field kitchens will be installed on Russky Island today. Residents of remote villages will be given 150 gas stoves. Also, five new power generators will be installed and fuel delivery will be organized.

As a reminder, on the morning of November 21, traffic on the bridge to the island was closed due to ice falling from the cables. People get to the mainland by ferry, which can accommodate two dozen cars and runs once an hour. But it is extremely difficult to leave on it. There are dozens of cars and many people waiting in line every time. The opening of the bridge - the only way to get to the island - was postponed, according to the latest data, it should take place on November 30.

Let us remind you that the cyclone left 6.5 thousand people living in the area without electricity. There was no light in 23 settlements, including Vladivostok. In total, 57.4 thousand household consumers were cut off from electricity. We note that EMERCOM employees from the Khabarovsk Territory went to help the neighbors.

According to the Minister for the Development of the Far East, Alexei Chekunov, it will take about two months to fully restore power supply in the disaster-affected regions of the city of Vladivostok.

The heaviest rain and snow fell in Primorye on 18 and 19 November. Network load withstood not been corrupted by almost a hundred kilometers of transmission lines 850 and supports out of order approximately 1.6 thousands transformer substations.