Posted 30 ноября 2020,, 09:28

Published 30 ноября 2020,, 09:28

Modified 24 декабря 2022,, 22:37

Updated 24 декабря 2022,, 22:37

"Invitro": tests for coronavirus can now be implemented by yourself and without leaving home

"Invitro": tests for coronavirus can now be implemented by yourself and without leaving home

30 ноября 2020, 09:28
The courier delivery of bioassays has become available to residents of Moscow. The courier will bring a self-collection kit, and immediately after the delivery of the biomaterial will take it to the laboratory.

The kit, which the courier brings, includes everything you need to take a swab from the nasopharynx and oropharynx yourself. This is a simple and completely painless procedure, which is also carried out by the test taker himself. The result of the study confirming the absence or presence of RNA fragments specific for the SARS-COV-2 virus in the biological material will be sent to the patient's e-mail.

"The method of self-collection is absolutely equivalent to the method of taking biomaterial by a nurse", - comments Andrey Pozdnyakov, infectious disease doctor "Invitro". - In the experimental group of patients, there were no differences in the quality of taking biomaterials. At the same time, the method of contactless testing can reduce the time spent in the medical office and the number of social contacts. Unfortunately, the risk of contracting coronavirus still remains, so we need to follow all precautions. That is why Invitro has proposed a new way of passing tests for coronavirus".

There are three steps to taking non-contact testing.

Step 1. Order on the Invitro website a set for self-collection of smears with delivery. You can buy a kit both for yourself and for family members.

Step 2. Perform a nasopharyngeal and oropharyngeal self-sampling following the instructions. Place the obtained biomaterial in a test tube. The courier will immediately pick him up and take him to the Invitro laboratory for analysis.

Step 3 . Get the test results in a convenient way for you: on the website in your personal account, by e-mail or in the medical office of "Invitro".

It is important to clarify that everyone who does not have ARVI symptoms (fever, runny nose, shortness of breath, cough) can be tested for coronavirus.

The cost of the research will be 1990 rubles. Courier delivery is available within the Moscow Ring Road and is paid separately.

Details about testing and delivery can be found on the Invitro website and by phone 8 (800) 200-363-0.


As of November 27, in Moscow, the number of coronavirus infections per 100 thousand people was 4678. In total, since the beginning of the pandemic, 585 thousand Muscovites have contracted COVID-19.