Posted 30 ноября 2020,, 14:20

Published 30 ноября 2020,, 14:20

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Updated 24 декабря 2022,, 22:37

Question of the day: who allowed rapper Basta to perform in a huge hall with thousands of spectators?

Question of the day: who allowed rapper Basta to perform in a huge hall with thousands of spectators?

30 ноября 2020, 14:20
At the concert of the famous pop musician in St. Petersburg, at least 11 thousand listeners gathered, who did not observe any quarantine precautions.

What any bans in Russia are really worth was demonstrated by rapper Basta very well yesterday, to whom, despite the pandemic, the authorities of St. Petersburg were allowed to hold a concert that attracted a huge number of fans. Meanwhile, on the streets of Russian cities and in public transport, the police are raging, rudely detaining and fineing passers-by without masks or gloves. What does it mean?

Petersburg blogger Konstantin Boguslavsky published a photo from Basta's concert with the following comment:

“This is a photo from Basta's concert at the Ice Palace in St. Petersburg. Exactly on the same day, the police raided restaurants on Rubinstein Street: what if in some institution four or five people sitting at a table lingered after 11 pm and exposed themselves and others to the danger of coronavirus infection.

As many people know, I run a cinema. Now I have no right to sell more than 50% of the seats in the hall. From December 1, this figure will become 25%. I have closed all food outlets by order of the governor. We even have a cinema bar with popcorn and cola closed - this is what gives cinemas a third of all revenue. That is, three people queuing at my bar is impossible, and Basta's concert for 11,000 people with a dance floor and without masks is ok.

It is clear that laws in our country either do not work or are not enforced, and the authorities give a shit about business if this is not Sechin's business, but at least you don’t speculate on people's health..."

It is clear that this post caused a storm of outrage:

- Well, this is a well-known business. Going out into the streets without a QR code - they twist their flippers to the department, because a pandemic, you can't get ready. Parades and popular vote - OK, the virus has cleared for this time...

- Well, Basta speaks in the Kremlin Palace and at the pre-election campaign too, so he can.

- I think the point is this: who earns and who gets kicked out of such events. The money here is crazy from one concert, not at all like at the box office of a cinema or restaurant. It's a sin to lose such profits. This is just my guess.

- For me - so wild. All football matches in Europe take place with empty stands starting in August. Precisely - a feast during the plague...