Posted 1 декабря 2020,, 06:11

Published 1 декабря 2020,, 06:11

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Mediazona: in Russia, the number of victims of coronavirus is halved

Mediazona: in Russia, the number of victims of coronavirus is halved

1 декабря 2020, 06:11
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Mediazona revealed at least a twofold underestimation of the official statistics of deaths from coronavirus in Russian hospitals.

From April to November in Russia, at least twice as many people died in beds for coronavirus patients than the total number of "official" victims of COVID-19 in Russia. These data, with the reference to the statistics of the Information Center for Monitoring the Coronavirus Situation (ICC) of the Ministry of Health, were published by Mediazona.

“As the publication found out, the authorities have operational data on the number of deaths in coronavirus hospitals every day and use them for calculations, but in public reports, half of the regions underestimate death data “at times or even dozens of times”", - says The Insider.

The publication's conclusions about the underestimation of mortality statistics from COVID-19 in Russia are based on the data of the ICC.

“From the start of the ICC system on March 31 and until November 22 in Russia, 74,866 patients have died on the beds allocated for coronavirus patients. At the same time, according to the statistics of Rospotrebnadzor, for the same period the number of victims is two times less: 36,516 people”, - the message says.

While the federal reports received information about 400-500 deaths per day, in reality, 800-900 people died in covid hospitals. The maximum mortality from coronavirus fell on November 17, when 932 people died in Russian covid hospitals, however, Rospotrebnadzor published information about only 456 deaths. By November 19, the official death rate rose to 460 cases per day.

According to the official data of the Stopkoronavirus portal. Over the past day, 26,338 coronavirus infections have been detected in Russia, and 2,295,654 cases have been identified since the beginning of the pandemic. According to official data, 39,895 patients died during the entire observation period.

However, a few months ago, demographer Alexei Raksha, dismissed from Rosstat for communicating with the press, warned that data on mortality from coronavirus in Russia are at least three times underestimated. At the same time, he explained in detail what exactly the deception mechanisms are based on.

According to Raksha's forecasts, Russia's population will decline by 4 million over the next 10 years.