Posted 2 декабря 2020,, 06:33

Published 2 декабря 2020,, 06:33

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Updated 24 декабря 2022,, 22:37

Biologist: patients with coronavirus are at risk of premature aging

Biologist: patients with coronavirus are at risk of premature aging

2 декабря 2020, 06:33
Anch Baranova, professor at the School of Systems Biology at George Mason University, is sure that a patient who has recovered from COVID-19, even in a mild form, is threatened with premature aging of the body.

She told RIA Novosti about the results of a study published in November by a group of doctors who examined people who recovered from coronavirus in a moderate and mild form.

"All these patients were outpatients. There were some hospitalizations, but it was not according to indications, but because at that moment everyone was put in. Even in people who were ill very mildly, 70% observed pathology of some internal organs. Only the main pathology was not cardiac, but mainly fatty hepatosis (the liver suffers) and fatty degenerations of the tissue of the pancreas. Usually, such diagnoses are made at 60 years old, and in the post-covid group - already at 40", - explained Baranova.

She stressed that "the coronavirus brings our old age closer by taking resources".

She believes that there should be more such studies, and the consequences of infection should be studied more carefully.

"We need to start long cohort studies of discharged coronavirus patients and study them in detail: take tests, and more than once, see what happens. This should be done. I know that such attempts have already begun", - the expert noted.

She previously talked about the impact of influenza on coronavirus. According to her, these two completely different viruses have a double effect on the human body.

"Currently, not only (coronavirus strain) D614G has been described, but also new mutations. They are even worse, cause anxiety, since the invitro experiment established that they cannot be neutralized with antibodies to the virus that originally existed", - Baranova said.