Posted 2 декабря 2020,, 10:27

Published 2 декабря 2020,, 10:27

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Diagnosis from TV: America is run by idiots and people with disabilities

Diagnosis from TV: America is run by idiots and people with disabilities

2 декабря 2020, 10:27
The propagandists are happy: the neighbor's cow is dead. No, not a cow, newly elected President Biden broke his leg before he could take up his duties. And a confused girl, Jennifer Psaki, is tipped for the White House press secretary.
Disabled people

Sergey Mitrofanov

"America is falling apart, and the West is falling," rejoiced TV, "they have either elderly disabled people in government posts, or - ...idiots". But here Russia aches.

Indeed, Biden's trick is excellent health. At almost 80, he runs onto the podium, like in a circus. Voila! Somersault mortale! And such a misfortune - I played with the dog the other day and twisted my leg, woke up - an orthopedic shoe.

“Of course, we sympathize with him”, - the Russian propagandists reacted choking with laughter. And the deputy Zhuravlev came up with a nickname for Biden - "Bone leg" and immediately began to impromptuly compose some poems on this topic.

In general, the conclusion is this. Once upon a time America was really great, but it was under other, great politicians, the same Trump, and now uniform monkeys have come to power in it (the author of the thesis is Professor Oleg Matveychev, once taught at the Higher School of Economics), mad people. We shouldn't pay any attention to them. We, Russia, have an excellent trade turnover - 5 billion dollars, a growing economy, and let the crazy Americans walk through the forest - such a conclusion.

However, it turned out that the thesis about the spiritual poverty of America and the decline this time outraged the deputy head of the foreign policy department of the publishing house "Kommersant" Alexei Naumov. Perhaps he considered this a belittling of his specialization in international affairs. If the West collapses, then what will the international experts study? And he finally said what, apparently, he had wanted to say for a long time (* I convey in my own words): “It’s you at the HSE who are pushing so hard that America is not good for anything, and that we don’t care about their sanctions, and what if they are from SWIFT turn off, then how would no one in Russia notice?"

“And he is no longer at HSE”, - O. Skabeyeva defended Matveycheva awkwardly, “he is now at our financial academy under the government of the Russian Federation”.

A-aaa, well, then you can.

In general, a stormy and rather interesting discussion unfolded about whether to consider the West as a failed civilization project, and Russia as a growing and all-conquering civilization?

The businessmen A. Naumov, S. Strokan and the Ukrainian journalist Galkin acted as advocates for the West. Believers in the decline of the West are Dmitry Mikheev (the one who worked for the deep state in America), the absurd follower of the Molotov-Ribentrop pact A. Zhuravlev, professor of the financial academy under the government of the Russian Federation O. Matveychev and the hosts Skabeeva and Popov. But the latter are somehow not very serious, for the sake of trolling.

And we have to admit with all regret that the advocacy of the "Westerners" has turned out not very successful. Although, perhaps, this happened solely due to the fact that at that moment Skabeyeva included Madame Gritsatsuyeva in herself and beat all the "Westerners" with her siren voice. However, the "Westerners" themselves also missed the opportunity to present worthy arguments that the West had not yet completely collapsed.

We could, in particular, inform the propagandists that at this very time in Florida the "rolling" West is assembling a huge rocket for flights to the moon, and growing Russia still cannot complete the construction of the Nord Stream, being already at the finish coast.

Philosophically, what is Nord Stream, compared to a rocket to the moon? Yes, just an archaic pipe at the bottom to drive national natural resources to the West.

About Jennifer Psaki and Annegret Crump-Karrenbauer. "What's one fool, what's the other - what to talk to them about?"

Sunset of the West TV often draws from the possible appointment of Jennifer Psaki as press secretary for Biden and another girl, Annegret Kramp-Karrenbauer, as German defense minister.

Annegret suggested talking with Russia from a position of dignity of power, to which Defense Minister Shoigu advised remembering grandfather (* hanged in Nuremberg?), And like we can repeat if you insist.This, of course, is a militaristic fantasy, because there is no chance of repeating something like that , and no one needs it. But it is important that in Russia they are still not afraid to raise the stakes in the international arena, and they treat the adversity of a big war and, in general, the adversity of its population as ordinary everyday troubles. Just think, they say, the next "Leningrad blockade", let's do it! (* This was my not entirely politically correct metaphor).

As for the "stupid Jennifer", it should be noted that this is an honest, sincere and ingenuous girl. As the official representative of the State Department in the United States in 2015-2017, she uttered, according to TV, a lot of all ridiculous nonsense, which supposedly indicates a decline in professionalism in the American civil service and the civil service of the entire West, if you add Annegret Crump-Karrenbauer here.

The following episode is often cited as an example of how Psaki gets trapped.

So, Jennifer tells the audience about the voting in Donbass and reads in her press release about the “carousels” that took place there: “We do not recognize the results of the referendum, which took place in Donetsk and Lugansk. There were reports of electoral carousels, pre-filled ballots, children voting and absentee voting". A certain caustic journalist catches Psaki at his word and sarcastically asks to clarify what kind of “carousels” they are, since the imagination, apparently, helpfully draws the following picture: the Chekists drag “Ferris wheels” to the polling stations, or children's carousels with bears and horses, and somehow this has an ominous effect on Donbass voters.

Psaki herself is at a loss: what kind of "carousels" are they? Experts on the post-Soviet East wrote to her about this on a piece of paper, but they forgot to explain. The idea of Television is as follows: in Russia, wake up everyone at night - young and old - and ask a question about the "carousel", so he (they) will immediately rattle off you, like on an exam: this is such an advanced electoral technology that allows you to achieve the desired result with a 100% result answer the question of the referendum and bring the right people to the government.

And in the West, they don't even know this, stupid Americans, stupid monkeys, neither sleep nor spirit about the "carousel", live in the past, as if in the days of Mark Twain, vote, throwing ballots cleanly and believing that they will count everything correctly. Teach them and teach them!

About democracy in the West and the fact that France is not Belarus. Or is it Belarus?

Unexpectedly, Emmanuel Macron helped Russian TV a lot, having passed the bill on global security in the first reading, in which the French, under the threat of a grandiose fine of 45 thousand euros, are prohibited from filming security officials while they work.

The TV is sarcastic about this: Macron just said that freedom of speech is such a value, for the sake of which it is not scary to lose your head (I mean the murder of a French teacher by an Islamist), but here it turns out that the state even prohibits taking pictures of its policemen when they peaceful "yellow vests" are beaten. So why would you attack Lukashenka then? Compared to Macron, he is a dandelion of God, but he does not dress up as a champion of liberal freedoms!

The argument is accepted! It turned out well.

Again, the liberals Strokan 'and Naumov undertook to defend France and the West, and again unsuccessfully. Naumov suggested that public safety (in France) requires certain sacrifices (* OK, OK, and in Belarus they do this, sacrificing Belarusians for public safety!) , And Strokan - that the difference is that there is no free society in Belarus, but in France it is and therefore in the end it gets its way. "Have you got a repressive law?", - Tireless Skabeeva notes skeptically.

Liberals are defeated. Macron is ridiculed.

At the same time, it should still be noted that so far in France, police officers are still filmed and criticized both in the tail and in the mane, and it was public indignation these days that forced the Paris Prosecutor's Office to indict the police officers who beat the music producer Michel. Zekler, who was also not an angel in any way, but, to put it bluntly, was himself asking for beating. And all why? Because the police were filmed and the incident became public knowledge.

It must also be said that public indignation at the authorities' attack on freedom of criticism of the security forces became the reason that the scandalous law, most likely, will not pass . And so far, such a thing is inconceivable in any version of the Belarusian case.