Posted 2 декабря 2020,, 13:09

Published 2 декабря 2020,, 13:09

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Just a swinishness: a Muscovite without a residence permit cannot get her daughter in a kindergarten

Just a swinishness: a Muscovite without a residence permit cannot get her daughter in a kindergarten

2 декабря 2020, 13:09
All of the girl's peers have long been attached to kindergartens, and the line in which she has been listed since birth has barely advanced.

Muscovite Yekaterina Ivanova will have to turn to the prosecutor's office and the court, whose daughter has been enrolled in a kindergarten queue since birth, but she has no chance of getting there. And all because de jure in Russia discrimination on the so-called residence permit has been abolished, and de facto this purely slaveholding concept perfectly exists - and first of all in Moscow. Here is what Ivanova wrote on her blog about this:

“It happened so that Sasha and me do not have registration at the place of the residence. Generally. Nowhere. Not only in Moscow, but also in any other region of the Russian Federation (please do not ask why, this is a long story). At the same time, I have been living in Moscow for 30 years, I pay taxes here (and only here), and Sasha was born here. She seems to be no different from the children from neighboring houses, but they have registration at the place of residence (the so-called permanent), and she only has registration at the place of stay (the so-called temporary). And so she is not allowed a place in a state or municipal kindergarten. Well, that is, de jure, of course, it should be, we have been standing in line since birth and even sort of moving forward along it (from 600 places we have moved up to 109 and 104), but in fact in Moscow they do not give a place in kindergartens to children with a temporary registration.

All Sasha's peers (with and without the benefits) have received places long ago, children born after Sasha already visit the kindergarten, and our turn has not yet approached, despite my privilege. I wrote a letter to the Moscow Department of Education with a request to check the order of allocation of places in the kindergartens, but I was told that there were no places in the kindergartens near the child's place of residence, and when I reiterated my request to answer on the merits, they again sent a reply that the order was being built automatically taking into account the age of the children, the date of queuing and the availability of benefits.

Dot. Not a word about the presence or absence of registration at the place of residence, which actually affects the provision of a place. They also indicated in the letter that I can contact the Education Information Center for advice.

Yesterday I called there. Can you guess the result of the call? Your queue did not fit, only 50% of children pass on the preferential lists, which means that your peers went through the non-preferential queue, that you, there is no discrimination, it’s just that the queue hasn’t come yet, it lines up automatically, blah-blah-blah, no, information about the availability We do not give places in other kindergartens, only information on your application (they also hung up)).

Yesterday, my friend from a neighboring house called this very information center. Her child, who is a year younger than Sasha, without benefits, but with registration, has already been offered a place, however, not in the nearest kindergarten, and they indicated that if she refuses, they will make changes to the application. The employee with whom she talked said that all children who are already 2 years and 4 months old are offered a place in any other garden, if the queue did not fit in the garden indicated in the application (by the way, they are 17th ), and that she could call them and ask which gardens there are places to get directions there. Do you feel the difference?

Why am I writing about this? Well, firstly, to tell once again that in the capital of the state, the updated Constitution of which establishes that "children are the most important priority of the state policy of Russia," "the general availability and free preschool education in state or municipal educational institutions is guaranteed," children without registration are subjected to real discrimination. Which is actually prohibited. And the fact of the presence of which is cowardly hidden by the Sobyanin officials under the "automatic sequence". In mothers' groups, they repeatedly wrote that they had been standing in line for years, there were no places, and as soon as the permanent registration was made out, the place appeared literally the next day.

And secondly, in order not to forget about this case, but to start fighting this discrimination. The public promise will hopefully keep me busy. It doesn't matter if I can get a place in the garden for Sasha (the judicial practice, unfortunately, is bad, because you yourself know which courts), but I will do my best to do this. And at least I'll stay with a bone in their throat.

Wish me good luck!


An amazing policy is carried out by the mayor, who himself "came in large numbers". And then, in any case, if they build so many houses, then they must also build gardens for the residents of these houses, regardless of whether they have registration".


One should not think that Ivanova's case is somehow exceptional, by no means. A residence permit makes it impossible for thousands if not millions of children to learn and develop. Here is what another Muscovite without registration wrote in the comments to this post:

- I've given up. Iosif is discriminated even without any embarrassment. He is not even taken to complex technical design clubs, where there is a shortage of privileged Moscow registered children. And the child has already opened his mouth too wide - wires, microcircuits, and all this is for three and a half young Muscovites, but a child from the Moscow's region not allowed! Not to mention a good school - all this is only for the children with a Moscow residence permit. I cursed to myself this gloomy Middle Ages and explained to the child about serf "spiritual staples". We have already outgrown these hobby clubs (a ray of diarrhea to this entire obscurantist system, he was such an inquisitive kid), but school is a big problem now. It takes us more than 30,000 a month to educate Iosif, and I already shudder, thinking that soon they will tell me about their "duty to the Motherland"...