Posted 2 декабря 2020,, 10:41

Published 2 декабря 2020,, 10:41

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The cost of the Kommunarskaya metro line in Moscow exceeded the price of the Crimean bridge

The cost of the Kommunarskaya metro line in Moscow exceeded the price of the Crimean bridge

2 декабря 2020, 10:41
The total cost of building only one Kommunarskaya line will already amount to at least 263 billion rubles, which is more expensive than even the construction of the Crimean bridge.

Ivan Petrovsky

“The Crimean Bridge is the longest transport passage ever built on the territory of Russia, consisting of two parallel bridges - a two-track railway bridge and a four-lane road bridge. This is a unique high-tech structure on specially designed complex piles from high-strength joints. In the most difficult sections, the piles were sunk to a depth of 105 m. 19 kilometers of concrete and metal were laid through the Kerch Strait after the events of 2014, connecting Crimea, which was now a constituent entity of the Russian Federation, with the mainland of the country. Today the building is a strategic object and is under the protection of the Russian Armed Forces".

Kommunarskaya metro line is a line of the Moscow metro under construction from the Big Circle line to the Novomoskovsk administrative district to the village of Kommunarka and further to Troitsk.

The need to build a line arose after the expansion of Moscow's territory in the southwest direction and the start of active housing and commercial construction along the Kaluzhskoe highway.

Consists of three sections.

The section from Ulitsa Novatorov station to Kommunarka station is 16.2 km long, 7 stations is under construction.

The section from Kommunarka station to Troitsk - 14.3 km long, 6 stations - is under development of design solutions, construction - after 2023.

In November 2017, it became known that the line towards the center would be extended by 7.3 km and 3 stations: Stroiteley Street, Akademicheskaya (transfer to Akademicheskaya station of Kaluzhsko-Rizhskaya line), Sevastopolsky Prospekt (transfer on the Moscow central ring "Crimean").

In the Address Investment Program (AIP) of the city of Moscow for 2017-2020, 49 billion 189 million rubles were provided for the metro line from the Ulitsa Novatorov station to the Sevastopolskiy Prospekt station.

In the AIP for 2019 - 2022, the amount has increased significantly - 68 billion 770 million rubles are provided. This is 19 billion 581 million rubles, or 39.8%, more than the original amount.

But until recently, Moscow officials announced that they would reduce the cost of metro construction by 20% compared to the "Luzhkov" period!

“While adopting a large-scale program for the development of the Moscow metro, designed for nine years, Moscow Mayor Sergey Sobyanin simultaneously set the goal of reducing construction costs by at least 20% without losing quality.

Savings are expected at almost every stage of construction. Therefore, the Moscow Construction Complex is working to reduce the cost of laying the metro, improve technical solutions and eliminate unnecessary costs".

How much does the metro cost?

According to the portal, in Moscow, the average cost of building 1 km of a metro line with a deep-laid station complex is 7 billion rubles, the construction period is from 5 to 6 years; the cost of building 1 km of a metro line with a shallow station complex is 4.5 billion rubles, the term is from 2 to 3 years.

The metro line “Ulitsa Novatorov” station - “Sevastopolskiy prospect” station is planned to be shallow with open-type station complexes. Its length is 7.3 km.

This means that the cost of 1 km is equal to 9 billion 420.6 million rubles, which is more than 2 times more than the construction cost declared by the building complex.

Such an increase in the initial cost is also going on along another section of the Kommunarskaya line.

Thus, 72 billion 600 million rubles were allocated for the AIP line for the metro line Ulitsa Novatorov station - Stolbovo station for 2016-2019, 96 billion 898.44 million rubles for the AIP for 2017-2020, and for the AIP for 2019 - 2022, it has already become 102 billion 150 million rubles, that is, there has been an increase from the original cost by 29 billion 550 million rubles, or 40.7%!

As of today, the construction cost of the Kommunarskaya line from the Krymskaya station of the MCC (Sevastopolsky Prospekt) to the Kommunarka station is 170,920 million rubles.

With further construction from the Kommunarka station to Troitsk, the total cost of building the Kommunarskaya line - from Krymskaya to Troitsk - will be approximately 263 billion rubles (there is no doubt that it will continue to grow with further design and construction)!

For comparison: the cost of building the Crimean Bridge is 228 billion rubles.

At the same time, the government is cutting spending on medicine and education. We started by cutting spending on healthcare by 52 billion. The next point of savings is cutting a part of educational projects by 1 billion.

It is planned to reduce the costs of providing state support to families by almost 150 billion rubles in 2021-2022. The support that recently, during campaigning for a new Constitution, was announced by V.V. Putin is a priority.

They plan to cut financing of the Ministry of Emergency Situations by another 1 billion.

The state program for supporting culture is being cut, mainly the Heritage subprogram.

Financing of industry is cut by 4 billion. Funding for nuclear energy is cut by 42 billion.

Funding for science is cut by 10 billion”.

Thus, the Kommunarskaya line is more expensive than the Crimean bridge - during the global economic crisis, against the backdrop of the coronavirus pandemic, in the context of reducing federal budget spending on medicine, education, science, culture, etc. - this is a demonstrative disregard for the Government of the Russian Federation and for the urgent needs of Moscow residents (the metro is financed from the city budget).

On November 3, 2020, Moscow Mayor Sergei Sobyanin submitted to the Moscow City Duma the draft budget of the city of Moscow for 2021 and the planning period for 2020 and 2023. It is drawn up with a deficit of almost 1 trillion rubles. On November 18, the Moscow City Duma deputies adopted the draft budget in the first reading.

Residents of the Gagarinsky and Akademichesky districts appealed to the Moscow City Duma deputies with a request to amend the draft budget - to exclude from the budget expenditures of the city of Moscow for 2021 and the planning period of 2022 and 2023 the expenses for design and construction specified in paragraph 41 of the AIP of Moscow for 2020 -2023 years of the metro line “Ulitsa Novatorov” station - “Sevastopolsky Prospekt” station with a contract value of 68 billion 770 million rubles and to use these funds to increase salaries for healthcare workers (excluding management).

Statements categorical “AGAINST” the approval of the Moscow budget as presented and with proposals to make similar amendments were sent to the Public Chamber of the City of Moscow as part of a public discussion of the draft budget.

Residents are waiting for a response from the pro-government deputies of the Moscow City Duma...