Posted 3 декабря 2020,, 11:15

Published 3 декабря 2020,, 11:15

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Adolf Hitler became a local councilor in Namibia

Adolf Hitler became a local councilor in Namibia

3 декабря 2020, 11:15
In Namibia, Adolf Hitler became the deputy of the local council of the city of Ompundia. This name was given to his son in honor of the famous leader of Nazi Germany by his father, who dreamed of world domination.

The dark-skinned Hitler himself does not share the views of his namesake. Moreover, Hitler from Namibia declares that not only does he not support the ideas of Nazism, but he went into politics precisely in order to defend the rights of blacks, writes the German edition of Bild. The deputy supports the ideas of the People's Organization of South West Africa, which opposes discrimination.

“The fact that I have such a name does not mean that I share the views of Hitler. My father, probably by calling me by that name, did not fully realize what Hitler personifies. As a child, it was a common name for me, but when I grew up, I realized what kind of person I was named after. Besides the name, I have nothing in common with this person”, - he commented.

The deputy was supported by 84% of voters.