Posted 3 декабря 2020,, 13:44

Published 3 декабря 2020,, 13:44

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Following in the footsteps of the USSR: the policy of tolerance threatens the United States with economic collapse

Following in the footsteps of the USSR: the policy of tolerance threatens the United States with economic collapse

3 декабря 2020, 13:44
American companies are instructed to bring in minority representatives to its management, just as it once was done in the Soviet Union.

Financial analyst Andrey Movchan was extremely critical of the new American initiatives:

“A long time ago, when I was a pioneer, they explained to us that the USSR is ahead of the rest of the planet; we are the pioneers of the new world, the rest will follow us.

Then I grew up, and it turned out that my teachers were wrong - the USSR was not in front, but behind the whole planet - a strange excess of a feudal-clerical state, built like an order, something that should have happened in the late Middle Ages, a relic, in which outgrew a feudal empire instead of transforming into capitalism; and now, 70 years later, Russia, the heir to the USSR, finally began to catch up with the departed capitalist train.

Another 30 years have passed - and I begin to understand that not everything is so simple. That is, if you look in the direction of progress, then of course there are no questions - the capitalist countries have far outstripped both the USSR and its heirs (some of whom still walk in the rags of the Soviet system). The question only arises - which way is the world now looking?

They say the board of directors of NASDAQ - which trades in shares of the most advanced companies of the most advanced exchange of the most advanced country - decides to delist companies whose board of directors does not include at least one woman and at least one representative of minorities (apparently sexual, what else?). I have a suspicion that this decision was dictated by the desire to exclude from the stock exchange companies whose owners deliberately discriminate against women and minorities. I'm right? But if I'm right, then I have two questions for the distinguished members of the board of directors of the exchange:

  1. Do members of the board of directors of the exchange understand that public companies are traded on their exchange, the boards of directors of which are approved by a vote of a large number of shareholders who freely buy their shares? Could they envision the conspiracy of thousands of such shareholders to discriminate against women and minorities?
  2. Did the board members of the stock exchange go to school and, if so, did they teach the theory of probability there? There are about 50% of women in the world today. Suppose there are 10 board members on average. Do you know what the likelihood is that just a random selection will not include a woman among the board members? One thousandth. Do you know how many companies are on NASDAQ? 3300. At least 3 companies are simply required not to have a single woman on the board of directors - and no discrimination. It should be added that if there are 5 members on the board of directors, then every three out of 100 companies will be deprived of women on the board of directors without any intention - this is 100 companies on the stock exchange. But what is 100 companies compared to the same responses for minorities, which we know are only about 7% of the population! With 10 members of the board of directors, 48% or 1600 companies out of 3300 should (!) Have no minority representatives. With 5, this is already 70% (!!). Attention, dear CSD NASDAQ - if your number of companies that do not have minority representatives in the SD is less than 48%, this means that they are being introduced into the SD unfairly, discriminating against the heterosexual majority! You are proposing discrimination on an unheard-of scale - you just want to discriminate against those about whom we all the time hear from the media. If in the United States the law really protects the equality of rights of all without exception, members of the NASDAQ board of directors should be immediately dismissed for such a decision and sent to court: if they refused to list companies with, for example, black board members, they would discriminate against 30% of the population USA. With their current decision, they discriminate against 93%!

But why did I remember about the USSR? Because in the USSR we have already gone through all this: we, for example, had national quotas for admission to universities. There was “someone like it” - in order to get the representatives of the northern peoples, Central Asia and Transcaucasia up to the quota, representatives of the main oppressive nationality were massacred at exams; however, maybe they could have done without it, but they didn't like this nationality very much (all and always, let's face it). We also had quotas by origin (from the "workers and peasants" there should have been more brilliant scientists than from "specialists" and "spiritual", and from the "nobles" they should not have been obtained at all). What did it lead to? Capable "nationals" and immigrants "from the people", and there were many of them, acted on their own, without quotas, and sometimes even gave odds to the Jews themselves. Those who entered on a quota in the overwhelming majority of cases have sunk into oblivion, having occupied administrative positions in science after training and, to the extent of their small abilities, hindered its development. Curly and nosed boys and girls, as before polite in glasses "intellectuals from the blaarod", who were cut with a grin at exams - "too many of yours climb here" - enriched science, culture and business of the decaying West, making a huge contribution to its victory cold war.

We also had funnier bends. Already in the period of the early capitalist plundering of the remains of the USSR, “more equal” territories and population groups were invented in the country - for example, Kalmykia and the disabled. Companies that hired disabled people in Kalmykia were exempt from taxes. Immediately, a market for disabled people arose - they were sold to work in such companies often without their knowledge (naturally, Moscow was empty of law - the parent companies moved to Elista; physical Moscow was swollen - Kalmyk officials moved to Moscow, buying expensive real estate).

The naive West looked with horror at the bureaucratic ecstasy of the USSR, but apparently did not see enough to the end - and is now confidently moving towards the world's first state of workers and peasants. If this goes on, a market for LGBT directors will emerge in the United States; they will have to be included in the SD to satisfy insane requirements; a person with any CV will do - if only he was LGBT. So? Then some company, whose owners are great for minorities, but are not ready to make fake and hire unnecessary people, will leave the NASDAQ and be listed on the Shanghai Stock Exchange. Then another one. A dozen highly qualified specialists who will face a problem when they refuse to hire a representative of minorities (for objective reasons) will accept the offer of Chinese corporations to switch to them. This is how the decline of American supremacy will begin - not because tolerance is bad, but quite the opposite: discrimination is terrible and ineffective; discrimination against the majority of the population is a criminal mistake.

The economic competition will be won by a society in which people are hired according to their ability, and not for bed addictions, nationality, political beliefs or origins. We, who lived in Russia, were convinced of this from our own experience. It looks like the Americans want to test it for themselves..."