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Published 3 декабря 2020, 13:55

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The last asylum for the VIPs. What is behind a series of deaths in elite clinics in Moscow

3 декабря 2020, 13:55
Channel One aired a story about private VIP clinics in Moscow, which under different circumstances and with different diagnoses included patients with "status". In a matter of days, they were dying rapidly in the intensive care units.

Police check West Clinic and 24/7 Medicine. What are the primary findings of law enforcement?

The next issue of the program "Man and the Law", released at the end of November, told about the violations found by law enforcement and supervisory authorities in the "West Clinic" in the course of medical activities. The institution did not have enough medicines, ventilators, and there was no license for blood transfusion. Relatives in the story said that the leadership prevented them from meeting with loved ones in the last days of their lives, did not allow them to be transferred to state medical institutions, and when the patients died, they dragged their bodies out. At the same time, the cost of medical institution services exceeded 100 thousand rubles. per day per bed, and with the transfer to intensive care, it increased to 400 thousand rubles per day.

The Investigative Committee opened a criminal case on the death of five patients in this medical facility. At the same time, one body - an elderly woman (a former patient) - was found by investigators right on the floor in one of the premises being repaired. This is the message of the plot.

Further, in its development, the case of the entrepreneur Vladimir Artsibashev, (brother of the famous director of the Mayakovsky theater Sergei Artsibashev), who also died in intensive care, only in another private clinic in Moscow, Medicine 24/7, was described. The daughters told reporters that the doctors did not allow them to enter the clinic and did not comment on the state of their father's health. According to the family, Artsibashev was forcibly kept in a private clinic, thus aiding the fraudsters. A month before entering the clinic, Artsibashev, being in a dacha near Moscow, changed his passport, issued several powers of attorney to manage his property, and apartments, dachas, bank accounts, an SUV soon ended up in the hands of strangers, who, according to the will, were supposed to go to their daughters. The businessman was sent to the clinic, allegedly, so that he would die quietly, without unnecessary witnesses, without the opportunity to deploy the already launched transactions for the sale of property and cashing out accounts.

The plot is almost detective. But how is this possible in the center of Moscow, in perhaps the most expensive clinic in the capital, which is chosen by the domestic elite and showbiz stars?

"Novye Izvestia" contacted the leadership of "Medicine 24/7" and asked to voice their version of what happened to the patient Vladimir Artsibashev.

- Investigators did come to the West Clinic, there are criminal cases, this is logical - because the corpses of patients on the floor are really the edge. But neither the law enforcement nor the regulatory and supervisory authorities have any complaints against us. There are no criminal cases. It is completely unclear on what principle Channel One tied our clinic to a story about gross violations - this is the clearest example of manipulation, psychological warfare on the part of the press, - comments in Meditsina 24/7.

- At the beginning of the summer of 2019, Yekaterina Shakina, the wife of the patient Vladimir Artsibashev (civilian, as I learned later), turned to me through respected fellow doctors. I asked for help for my husband, who was in a state with severe forms of neurological disorders: speech disorders, inability to think normally, disorientation in time and space. Our diagnostics showed a picture: a person can be brought back to life. Our clinic has a practice of healing patients in a vegetative state. At the same time, I am talking with my wife, who looks at him with loving eyes and asks: "Help". The patient was accepted, - Oleg Serebryansky, the head physician of Medicine 24/7, told Novye Izvestia.

The rehabilitation of patients with such a group of diagnoses as that of Vladimir Artsibashev is handled by qualified rehabilitologists, nurses with professional education in defectology, resuscitators with experience working with severe palliative patients, specializing in transplantation, vascular and emergency surgery.

According to Serebryansky, the patient had the maximum possible response to the selected therapy: speech, motor and cognitive functions returned to him, he left the clinic without medical assistance.

Three months later, common-law wife Ekaterina Shakina again turned to Medicine 24/7, and Vladimir Artsibashev was diagnosed with cerebral circulation disorders - in other words, a pre-stroke condition.

"The patient's right side of the body was immobilized, and the condition had already been present for some time. But the patient remained adequate, joked, served himself. We entered into an agreement on the provision of services with a representative chosen by him, who paid for the treatment and, in fact, began the therapy. But the situation soon reached a dead end. A woman appeared who introduced herself as an ex-wife, two daughters and a son", - says the head physician.

The ex-wife of Vladimir Artsibashev, Angela Artsibasheva, demanded to give her a patient for transfer to another medical institution. The clinic did not find a legal basis for satisfying this request.

"We ask for documents on relationship, Angela says that they were divorced 18 years ago. Where do you want to take your ex-husband? Answer: "I don't know." On what legal basis? Silence too. Daughters who have reached the age of majority, according to our laws, are also outsiders, if the father has not formalized guardianship. And second, we have a contract, for the signing of which a legally capable patient issues a power of attorney to his legal guarantor, in accordance with his will. And there is law No. 323-FZ "On the basics of protecting the health of citizens in the Russian Federation", according to which I have no right to disclose medical secrets and, in general, any information about the health of patients to unauthorized persons", - Oleg Serebryansky comments.

Both parties to the conflict from this point on, regularly contact the police with statements. The ex-wife and daughter of Vladimir Artsibashev - they write about the violent, in their opinion, retention of the ex-spouse and father within the walls of the clinic. The management of the institution - about the illegal entry of unauthorized persons into the territory of a closed medical institution.

The arrived law enforcement officers are convinced of the legal stay of patients in a medical institution. But the daughters begin to call the police several times a day in order to be able to regularly visit the patient in the intensive care unit with the permission of an authorized representative under the contract, the clinic said.

"As a doctor, I can say that these visits to the ex-wife had a negative impact on the patient's condition, I saw how he reacted to her. The patient was admitted, and his condition worsened in the moment. It was difficult against the background of decompensated diabetes mellitus, vascular changes, arterial hypertension, and cerebrovascular accident developed. They demanded permission to transport him to another institution, while it was not that it was impossible to carry him, even to transfer him from the medical bed to the gurney - almost a death sentence, premeditated murder on my part. I have all the necessary licenses to treat patients like Vladimir Artsibashev. Our intensive care unit is the most equipped in Moscow - three ventilators per one bed, by the way. I am not ashamed of the help that we have provided and continue to provide. I’m just doing my job and don’t want to get involved in family squabbles, especially when it comes to property disputes. The ex-wife waited for a year and now, when it is not possible to divide the property with the last wife, we are used as a platform for proceedings in order to regain the inheritance and nothing else. I can’t name the accusations against us other than consumer extremism”, - the head physician comments.

According to Oleg Serebryansky, with the huge number of applications filed by the ex-wife and children to law enforcement agencies, and with the vigilant over-control over private medical centers that exists in Russia today, the clinic and employees would be gladly attracted for any slightest violation. But all requests to initiate criminal proceedings were denied to the family of the deceased patient.

At present, the ex-wife of Vladimir Artsibashev, Angela Artsibasheva, has filed a civil lawsuit against Medicine 24/7 for harm that resulted in the death of her ex-husband, and demanded compensation for damage in the amount of 100 million rubles. During the process, three forensic examinations were appointed, the results of two testify in favor of a private medical institution, the clinic comments.

This fact is confirmed by the lawyer of the Artsibashev family. In the case of the death of Vladimir Artsibashev, the Central Bureau of Forensic Science in Moscow did not see a criminal component. "Defects in the provision of medical care to Artsibashev did not affect the outcome of his disease, did not lead to death, they do not have a direct cause-and-effect relationship", - the forensic experts said.

After the last third examination, "Medicine 24/7" plans to file a response claim against the Artsibashev family - to protect the honor, dignity and business reputation of the medical center, its management and staff, the clinic reports.