Posted 4 декабря 2020,, 14:18

Published 4 декабря 2020,, 14:18

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Helpful tips: how to clear the gadget from pre-installed applications

Helpful tips: how to clear the gadget from pre-installed applications

4 декабря 2020, 14:18
A technical expert gave detailed instructions that even humanities and housewives can understand.

As you know, Russia has adopted a law on the pre-installation of domestic applications on smartphones, computers and smart TVs from January 1, 2021. This news caused the most negative reaction on social networks: bloggers quite rightly believe that this law will allow the state to freely monitor its citizens literally everywhere. But not only that. The fact is that these applications themselves, according to experts, are so low-quality that they will inevitably lead to malfunctions of gadgets and leakage of personal data to attackers. A list of applications that must be installed has also appeared:

On this occasion, technical expert Ivan Ivanov decided to instruct everyone on how to avoid this misfortune:

“As many people know (and are nervous about this) - another brace has appeared. Namely, manufacturers of Android-based consumer electronics are forced to push "domestic software" into the firmware, which is mostly outright Trojans. In this case, you can spit on the surveillance, if the authorities decide to spy on someone, they will track them down by all means. However, if you take into account the clumsy production of "domestic software" - it jeopardizes your personal safety, since leaked data can fall into the hands of hackers, "sociologists", criminals and other evil spirits. And even children know how data leaks from government agencies. any bulletin on information security, as a rule, constantly contains examples of how the database was once again stolen and made publicly available. How to protect yourself from this?

There is more than one way. The most radical is getting root rights to your phone, tablet, TV and other coffee makers. However, this method is not easy, it requires some serious skills and knowledge of the matter. In addition, the rooting of modern devices is deliberately difficult and accessible, mainly to specialists. If you don’t have such a specialist, and you don’t want to overpay for all your advertisements, this method is not for you, so the post is designed mainly for humanities, housewives and other hipsters.

First you need a computer and a datacable. A regular data cable, which is usually included with the phone. We will consider the option with Windows, since Linux users have the question "what to do?" usually it does not arise, and this problem has not yet reached the users of technology from epl, and it is unlikely to come - in their repositories, security is very strictly observed and there are many times less viruses there than on android. The described method does not require root rights.

Further. You will need an ADB kit (aka Android Debug Bridge). It is an android debugging software environment. Completely free and legal. You can download, for example, here, here you can also get acquainted with the main shell commands and the installation procedure:

Next, we'll have to enable developer mode on the phone. As a rule, this is done in the settings, the About Device tab - look for the firmware version there and tap on it several times (usually seven). A new tab appears in the settings - developer mode. you need to go into it and select the active USB debugging mode.

We connect the phone. Most likely Windows will look for a driver for a new port. Owners of a legal (or normally activated) dozen do not need to worry, she will bring it from the update center. Seven owners can install the driver using SDI (Snappy Driver Installer, installs and updates drivers automatically, downloads on the torrent principle), which can be downloaded from the link:

I recommend taking the Lite version, it downloads only the necessary drivers, and not the entire package, which weighs like "rich cry too" in HD.

Owners of Windows XP (it turns out - there are some) I recommend to bury the stewardess and buy a normal Windows. Or master Linux.

So, everything is fine, I saw the phone. You can check this in the ADB console by typing adb devices.

Next, we need to identify all the shit, kindly crammed by Yandex and other wrecking offices. The easiest way to do this is with the App Inspector (free app in the playmarket).

We launch, we see a list of all installed applications. We look in the Package name inspector (a string like something like for voice search. By the way, you can crash painlessly, few people use it. The same is with the rest, you will guess intuitively what is the price). You figure out what you don't need and you can bang.

We sorted it out, drew up execution lists. Next, in the ADB console, type adb shell. The console of the device itself opens. and in it you type:

pm uninstall -k --user 0 unnecessary package name.

Repeat as necessary with each malicious staple. reboot and no longer see all the garbage. I recommend that you generally bring your android to the state of AOSP (pure android from Google), or even bang unnecessary Google services. For those who are too vigilant, I will say right away - suspicious traffic disappears. For testing, the people's shit phone DEXP A340 was specially purchased (a Chinese noun, sold under the brand name of the CSN network as "domestic"), shitty with surprises from Trojandex more than flies littered the portrait of the emperor in the Palivets tavern from the legendary work of all times and peoples from the most cheerful and charismatic Czech anarchist.

However, it is worth noting that in the event of a factory reset of the phone through a hard reset, or when receiving system updates, garbage can fly back. But you already know what to do in this case, hehe.

I would be glad if I helped you with my post. Glory to all of us! "