Posted 4 декабря 2020,, 12:10

Published 4 декабря 2020,, 12:10

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Question of the day: does Russia really need its own space station?

Question of the day: does Russia really need its own space station?

4 декабря 2020, 12:10
Our country has already hopelessly lagged behind China and the United States in space exploration, and therefore plans to build its own station sound ridiculous.

The popular blogger Alexey Koloskov in his publication called "Wishlist" the message of Roscosmos that our country should acquire its own space station! The author questioned the very need for such a step - do we need it? Roscosmos' concern is understandable, the blogger believes, because the resource of the International Space Station is running out, moreover, its operation is mainly financed by the United States, which is less and less interested in this project, and it is possible that soon it will be abandoned, which means that all this the colossus will have to pay for our country.

So Roscosmos has planned to build a new modern station, and this is undoubtedly both useful and prestigious, especially since the Chinese will soon launch their own, which will be more modest than the ISS, and which they are building using Soviet developments. But only if there is money for it?

In addition, both China and America are exploring the Moon with might and main, the Chinese have recently launched a satellite that has already taken soil from the lunar surface and will deliver it to Earth, and the Americans are going to create a near-lunar station in 2024 and land their astronauts on this planet.

But no one takes Russia seriously, and even if one or the other offers us cooperation, it will only be on the sidelines, taking all the glory for themselves.

Suppose they will allocate money from the budget to Roscosmos for the exploration of the Moon, but what good is it to us? It is much more useful now to be present in low-earth orbit, watching what is happening on Earth, and simply spying on opponents. But simple satellites can also solve this problem.

Anyway, should we continue our space programs when so many problems have accumulated below? - the blogger asks. It is obvious that we have lost our leadership in space long ago and hopelessly, so wouldn't it be better to finally begin to equip our earthly life?