Posted 4 декабря 2020,, 17:14

Published 4 декабря 2020,, 17:14

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Yuri Leer: "On the topic of chemtrails, whatever fact is unthinkable!"

Yuri Leer: "On the topic of chemtrails, whatever fact is unthinkable!"

4 декабря 2020, 17:14
“Chemtrails. Technologies for exterminating the population ”- this is the name of one of the programs on the YouTube channel“ Studio Rubezh”, dedicated to a serious problem that everyone has heard about, but which the official media practically do not report.

Aviation engineer, specialist in the field of aviation, aviation and space radio electronics Yuri Leer, who has been dealing with this topic for many years, spoke in detail about what and why is being sprayed around the world.

From the information received, as they say, the hair on the head moves: do we and our children inhale the "periodic table" every day?

“This question has a long history.

What we are seeing in the sky today is the result of a long-term program that has been developed over decades. Everything is strictly factual, there are videos on this topic.

In 1950-60, both in the United States and in Western European countries, military exercises and tests of chemical and bacteriological weapons were conducted on civilians. This is to the question of how much those who are behind this program are inclined to a humane attitude even towards their own population, with which they, as it turns out, began and then continued throughout the world.

This very serious global program entered a very specific phase - the phase of the implementation of chemotracing in the mid-1990s, when at first it was over the United States that long white trails began to be found behind flying planes, which hung in the air for hours. Then they turned into a gray haze, which slowly settled on the Earth.

At first, this was not given special importance and attention. But then serious health problems began, problems in agriculture, crops and forests began to die, including the unique forests in Hawaii - then the Americans sounded the alarm and began to investigate what was happening. And it turned out that this is more than serious.

What was found in soil samples, in the surface atmosphere, in water, and after a few years already at great depths, made it clear that this is a completely inhuman program, which clearly looks like an element of depopulation and destruction of both humanity and many species of wildlife. " , - said Yuri Leer.

He also explained that since the mid-1990s, a very serious, strictly scientific work has begun to study this phenomenon. Thanks, first of all, to the active work of enthusiasts in their field and true patriots of America, specific materials, hard factual, strictly scientific, were collected and sent to the very top, to the US Congress. “And in 2001, NASA released an amazing document in which it openly told the world that under the roof of this organization some unique, amazing technologies of war, reminiscent of science and unscientific fiction, were developed. This work is still available on the Internet and, if desired, you can find it”, - Yuri Leer specified.

“There should be practically no trace behind modern aircraft engines: small, barely noticeable, which instantly disappears.

How to distinguish one from the other. Today it's easier than ever before.

You can download special programs to smartphones that show which plane is flying, which airline, which course, and so on.

You raise your head into the sky and you see that there is a long tail behind the plane, but according to the program you see that about the same plane flies at about the same height, of the same class, and nothing remains behind it. So it is necessary to listen to Kozma Prutkov - do not believe your eyes? Or how? So: or how!"

And on his own YouTube channel, the expert spoke in detail about the composition of chemtrails.

“All this does not fit into the minds of people who come into contact with the topic of chemtrails.

Here, every fact is unthinkable.

Let's start with what is actually found in the sediments in the places where chemotracing is observed. This is a global problem.

So, I will list just a few things.

Aluminum oxides in the form of nanoparticles, arsenic, barium salts, cadmium nanoparticles. Dried in a special way, a drug made from human blood cells with a mutation towards oncology.

Magnesium, mercury, mycoplasma, nanosized polymer fibers with special inserts like a primitive radio receiving actuator. Radioactive cesium, strontium. All this in nano.

Submicron particles. Uncertain forms of living microorganisms, such as bacteria and others. Uranium nanoparticles. And so many toxins. I will not dwell on these details in detail.

All this causes allergies, asthma, brain damage, systemic lesions, a sharp deterioration in the quality of oxygen uptake, difficulty breathing, chronic inflammation of the nasopharynx, pharynx, mucous membrane of the digestive tract and the whole body. Diseases of the ears, eyes.

The list can be very, very long.

Behind each element that is in the air suspension in chemtrails, there are certain systems of destruction. I emphasize the word "systems". This is a systemic problem.

It is extremely important to understand the following. When approaching the study of this topic, it is necessary to forget about some kind of one-vector understanding of this problem.

That is: it is impossible to consider this problem only in the military-technical sense - yes, this aspect exists; only in the depopulation sense - yes, of course, it also exists.

In this regard, a small digression, again from the category of the seemingly unthinkable. In 1980, in the state of Georgia, an extremely interesting architectural structure was erected in an open field, consisting of four concrete slabs, on which on each side there is text, including text in Russian (we are talking about the so-called "Georgia Tablets", in fact there not four plates, but six - approx. "NI").

The first point of each text: there should never be more than 500 million people on Earth. This is the appeal of certain forces directly to humanity. This appeal has not yet been taken seriously. And this is 1980. It took 40 years.

This is the question of the depopulation program.

Further - aspects of geoengineering. That is, not just depopulations, but also a complex transformation of the entire biosphere of the Earth through the impact on the atmosphere and indirectly through the atmosphere - on the entire terrestrial biota, including humanity, as part of the biosphere".

The entire episode with the participation of Yuri Leer can be viewed here.

And here are examples of viewers' comments on programs with the participation of Yuri Leer about chemtrails:

- When will the people realize that they are being destroyed and come out to their defense????

- This is where Covid-19 comes from and how people get infected in remote regions of Russia, Kazakhstan

- Cursed be all who destroy Mankind! Let it be so !

- So much for the population decline. Here it is, the baranovirus. It remains to vaccinate the people at the cemetery. Maybe that's why they are building covid centers?

- And what are the military "guards" of our sky doing? Everyone is silent, which means - a conspiracy ...

- TABOO has been imposed on the topic of chemtrails in all the media in the world! Who owns all the media in the world ?! Correctly. To those who are the customer of this monstrous global experiment.