Posted 8 декабря 2020,, 06:44

Published 8 декабря 2020,, 06:44

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Bustle around the pipe: the Germans seem to have found a way to complete the construction of Nord Stream 2

Bustle around the pipe: the Germans seem to have found a way to complete the construction of Nord Stream 2

8 декабря 2020, 06:44
The attempt to "hide" the gas pipeline under the mantle of German statehood is calculated on the fact that America will not dare to impose sanctions directly against the FRG government.

As you know, after a forced almost one year break, the construction of the scandalous Nord Stream 2 gas pipeline seems to have resumed, although under the threat of US sanctions, special ships were withdrawn from the Baltic Sea, originally introduced in December last year. However, it remains unclear whether it will now be possible to complete construction on a second attempt, as the US Congress agreed on a new, even tougher sanctions law to finally stop Nord Stream 2 in the last kilometers.

Acting US Ambassador to Germany Robin Quinville called on the EU and Germany to declare a moratorium on the construction of the gas pipeline. “The time has come for Germany and the EU to introduce a moratorium on the construction of the gas pipeline. This would send a clear signal that Europe will no longer tolerate "Russia's persistent malicious behavior," she said, calling Nord Stream 2 "not just an economic project, but also a" political tool for the Kremlin: the aim of the project - "to bypass Ukraine and divide Europe".

In fact, Nord Stream 2, experts say, has many opponents in Europe, especially in Poland and the Baltic states, who do not trust the energy relationship between Berlin and Moscow. The pipeline will double the capacity for direct gas supplies from Russia to Germany. Only six percent of the total 1200-kilometer route is still missing. Once it goes live, the importance of the previous ground communication through Ukraine will diminish - and thus, according to American fears, will weaken Kiev's position in the conflict with Russia.


Experts from the Kremlin Washerwoman channel write about how the Germans will try to circumvent the threat of US sanctions:

“Despite the continuing cooling of relations between the EU and the Russian Federation, Germany is looking for ways to bypass the United States and save Nord Stream 2. In particular, the Mecklenburg-Vorpommern state administration plans to establish the "Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania Climate Fund". The Foundation, shortly after its establishment, will have to recognize the nearly completed Russian gas pipeline as “essential for protecting the environment of Mecklenburg-Vorpommern” and make efforts to bring the project to completion. To this end, the fund will establish an enterprise whose products and services will be used exclusively to complete the construction of the gas pipeline.

The trick is that German companies threatened by US sanctions will provide their services to the foundation and its enterprise, which in turn will provide them to the Russians. Thus, formally, none of the companies will interact with Nord Stream 2, and the Russian project will be completed. In the meantime, the Federal Agency for Shipping and Hydrography of Germany has coordinated the construction of a section of the pipeline in German waters, and the special ship "Fortuna" will soon start working under water ... "

Moreover, analysts at the Institute for Political and Economic Strategies are confident that such a step will allow Nord Stream 2 to be positioned not as a purely private initiative, but to promote it as a project of strategic importance for Germany's plans to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. In particular, by linking "SP-2" with the program approved by the Bundestag, curtailing coal-fired power generation and transferring CHPP to natural gas.

Moreover, this initiative has already been approved by the German Bundestag. In addition, the German Federal Office for Shipping and Hydrography has approved an application for laying the pipeline in German waters only until the end of this year. To continue work in January-April 2021, a separate permit is required. The application is already being considered, but here it is important how the department will formulate the answer further - as an external private company or as its own initiative of the German state.

“That is, Germany is trying to beat the United States on a purely bureaucratic field, legally presenting the controversial Russian gas pipeline, firstly, as a German state project, and secondly, extremely“ green”.

From this moment it becomes especially interesting. How will the United States already explain why, in order to fight to protect the ecology of the Earth, it is necessary to stop the project, to ensure this very protection of ecology and directed?

At the same time, the attempt to hide "SP-2" under the mantle of German statehood looks no less curious. In the hope that, for the sake of building "new friendships" that Joe Biden publicly announced the other day, Washington will not dare to declare sanctions directly against the FRG government.

But whether this technique will work against famous cheaters becomes the biggest intrigue of our time..."


Network analyst Anatoly Nesmiyan, however, advises to wait until next year:

“The maneuvers of the ships near the completion site of the Nord Stream 2 were again about nothing. The barge "Fortuna", spinning in German waters, went to the port of Rostock, the "Akademik Chersky" also turns on and off the transponder, but the essence of the maneuvers remains unclear. The ships did not begin work on completing the construction of the gas pipeline at least in German waters, although December 5 was named the date of work in German waters.

Either the commands that are given to the courts are chaotic, or they are tasked with "confusing tracks" and portraying activity. In any case, there is no need to talk about any completion yet, even a purely media one...

Gazprom expresses unshakable confidence in the completion of the project, but it is unclear how this can happen and when. Most likely, the deadline will be postponed to 2021 in the hope that it will be possible to somehow agree with the new US administration. Although what such a hope can be based on is also unclear.

In fact, there is only one relatively working plot: to start a pipe in Kaliningrad, bring it ashore, and then somehow get out. In the current scenario, the Danish section remains an insoluble problem - under the conditions of the Danish work license there is a clear clause on insurance and certification of work, which is not possible due to sanctions..."