Posted 8 декабря 2020,, 10:27

Published 8 декабря 2020,, 10:27

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Mystery man: the web is arguing about the real reasons for the arrest of Valery Solovey

Mystery man: the web is arguing about the real reasons for the arrest of Valery Solovey

8 декабря 2020, 10:27
Some bloggers are sure that the notorious political scientist works for the Kremlin, others that he is an implacable oppositionist, and still others that he has gone mad.

As Novye Izvestia has already reported, at the end of last week in St. Petersburg during the rally of the Change movement, the police detained the well-known political analyst Valery Solovey. He had previously been fined for "illegal" walks with followers. No wonder Solovey said recently that now the most favorable moment has come in Russia to engage in politics, and therefore he leaves the profession of a political scientist and goes into political activity.

Yesterday, the court appointed 10 days of administrative arrest for the detained Valery Solovey, which caused a violent reaction on social networks. Bloggers agree that Solovey - as Akhmatova once said clairvoyantly about Brodsky's arrest - "is making a biography." But their opinions differed about the goals.

So, a civic activist who himself once served time for political activities, Daniil Konstantinov writes in his blog:

“They ask me what I think about today's detention and 10-day arrest of Professor Solovey.

I have already spoken a lot about his past, so now I want to talk about his present.

Why Valery Solovey went out into the street and was detained and later arrested?

There are two main options.

  1. They make a biography for Solovey. He is still at work and acts on the orders of his curators, but for further promotion he needs a biography of a real "revolutionary" rebel.
  2. Solovey broke the leash and decided to act independently, at his own peril and risk. This option does not seem very plausible for a person who is closely connected with the system. However, there is one exception that negates all rational arguments - insanity. After his statements about membership in a powerful, secret organization, which even the FSB and the GRU are afraid of, I do not exclude this option. A person could go crazy (or get a bit like that) and, as they say, come off.

I believe that both options indicated by me are possible, as well as all kinds of their variations.

As for Valery Solovey himself, an interesting night awaits him today. Perhaps the most interesting night of his life. For the first time in his life he will spend her in captivity, though not in a real prison, but in her dressing room (special detention center), on the "threshold of Hell," as he once called mine an administrative arrest after my release from the special detention center.

There he will have time to think. About the past, present and future. I hope that he will finally realize and re-evaluate some of the things from his past, which I had the opportunity to touch, and draw conclusions for the future.

Let him rest - there are ten more nights ahead..."

Journalist Kirill Shulika agrees with him:

“How in time they gave Professor Solovey in St. Petersburg 10 days of arrest! When I read the comments under the news about his detention on Saturday, the most liked was Yashin's comment that Solovey was taken by his colleagues. And within the meaning there were many such comments. Thank God, people realized that he was cheated.

So Solovey's colleagues decided to slightly subtract his legend. The impressionable audience will be affected. But you are not fooled, you are all smart guys here ... "

However, political scientist Tatyana Stanovaya thinks differently:

"According to some indications (not only because of the arrest), it is clear that the recent arguments of Solovey about Putin's illness seriously angered the Presidential Administration ..."

The civic activist Vera Afanasyeva also regrets Solovey, regardless of whoever he is:

“Whether Valery Solovey is the father of Russian democracy and a special person close to the emperor, or not - this is not known to science, science is not yet in the know.

But the fact that now it is not sweet is absolutely certain. Even if, as the professor's spiteful critics believe, his colleagues were arrested, and he himself these days receives a double salary. We wish Valery Dmitrievich to get out of all his intricacies, voluntary and involuntary..."

Politician Arkady Yankovsky is sure that Solovey will have a heroic future:

“Valery Solovey is technologically advanced. The professor knows how to captivate people, convince and tune in the right way.

The competent actions of the PR teacher, who stepped into politics, sooner or later could not but really concern the authorities. In the coming era of political volatility in Russia, people like Solovey are becoming very dangerous to the regime.

Our people are not very capable of organizing themselves into a worthy civil society, but they are very ready to see the Messiah and rush after him. And the former doctor of historical sciences from MGIMO knows this well.

The suspicion of Valery Dmitrievich on the part of sophisticated and not very connoisseurs of the backstage techniques of the Old Square and Lubyanka is known. With us now everything and everyone is subject to doubt, complete trust is very expensive.

Reasonable. "Trust but check!" - the hard-won motto of the opposition and an urgent requirement of today.

But one way or another, Solovey has earned considerable recognition for his assertiveness and professionalism, and a noticeable number of people associate certain hopes with him - this can be seen from communication with the professor on the streets and in classrooms. His rating is growing rapidly both in networks and in reality.

The man of mystery yesterday, today is becoming an obvious hero in the protest environment. The authorities are either sending him a warning signal, or someone there inside deliberately works to capitalize the rising politician ...

Having written an excellent book on the theory of revolution, Solovey is now practicing. But we do not yet know who is writing his revolutionary biography.

Perhaps, indeed, different groups joined the struggle, for which the eloquent professor is just a passing figure, but the stakes are completely different, and the main fight between them is between them.

Hopefully soon we will understand these intricacies. And the opinion and explanations of Valery Solovey himself will not be superfluous...

But the expert of the Kremlin Washerwoman channel sees a financial background to this event:

“All of Valery Solovey’s recent actions can be described as desperate attempts to attract the attention of Western donors, presenting himself as an implacable oppositionist and victim of the regime. I admit that he doesn’t do well, and he doesn’t want to do more than receive fines for minor administrative offenses...”.