Posted 8 декабря 2020,, 06:56

Published 8 декабря 2020,, 06:56

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The British have created a robotic chef that can cook 5 thousand dishes

The British have created a robotic chef that can cook 5 thousand dishes

8 декабря 2020, 06:56
The system, which costs about 300 thousand euros, prepares dishes from ordinary products, which it itself takes out of the refrigerator, cuts, mixes, prepares and serves.

An ardent adherent of scientific and technological progress, journalist Dmitry Klein published an enthusiastic post about how robots are slowly being introduced into areas where until now there was only hope for humans. For example, to the kitchen:

“in front of our eyes, right now humanity continues to slowly, slowly and stumbling, but move into a bright future, where robots will do boring or hard work, and people ...well, people will argue on the Internet or enjoy beauty and taste.

So, the London-based robotics company unveiled the world's first robotic kitchen, which, as they promise, can cook up to 5,000 dishes according to different recipes and even wash the pots afterwards!

Mark Oleinik, founder and CEO of Moley Robotics (Russian, by the way, by origin), based in London, invites anyone to buy the world's first robotic kitchen for consumers.

For as little as £ 248,000 (€ 275,000), you get a system that, like an ordinary chef, is capable of preparing dishes from ordinary products that she herself will take out of the refrigerator, cut and everything else.

The technology includes two robotic arms with fully articulated arms, developed in collaboration with the world's leading German robotics company Schunk.

The robot was developed with assistance from Tim Anderson, culinary innovator and winner of the 2011 BBC MasterChef series. Anderson's cooking techniques were captured in 3D and "transformed into elegant digital movement using custom algorithms".

Well, so far, to put it mildly, a little expensive, but the process is underway. Let's wait for Chinese manufacturers to get interested and copy.

P. S.

In general, it is encouraging that it is universal solutions that appear - this means that sooner or later a universal humanoid robot will appear, ready to perform any work available to the most poorly educated unskilled worker - until such a robot can be replaced.


Despite the fact that the inventors of this wonderful kitchen have already collected more than a thousand orders, not all users of social networks were delighted with their invention:

"Well, this is solely for the sake of the hype: we found out the name of the company, advertising would have cost more. Robots are good where they are needed. Why make a kitchen and pots for a person, then use the most complex robots, if you could make special machines that would be cheaper and much better to cook? I am a manufacturer. We have many robots in production, with this word I call mechanisms for moving workpieces and finished products, which have at least 3 degrees of freedom (usually there are 6). And honestly, I can't imagine why a humanoid robot might be needed now, except for hype and fun. The robot must perform the assigned mechanical task for which it must be optimized. At the same time, beautiful theories are often self-sufficient, they can live without ever going into practice".