Posted 9 декабря 2020,, 10:27

Published 9 декабря 2020,, 10:27

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Surpassed Rublyovka: what kind of palace was built in Israel by the Russian billionaire Kogan

Surpassed Rublyovka: what kind of palace was built in Israel by the Russian billionaire Kogan

9 декабря 2020, 10:27
The Victor Kogan Palace in the most prestigious region of Israel is equally striking in its luxury and vulgarity.

Valery Kogan, Chairman of the Supervisory Board of Domodedovo Airport, put up a palace in Israel for sale for $ 258.3 million. The property, overlooking the Mediterranean Sea, has been named “the most luxurious” in Israel, according to the real estate agency Sotheby's. The house is surrounded by a garden with fountains, sculptures and arches. It features a spa, tennis court, swimming pool, guest and service facilities, and a self-contained power station that supplies electricity. The interior is dominated by gold color, it includes a front entrance with gilded columns, a glass dome over the hall with an area of about 1,000 square meters, as well as rare varieties of marble and onyx. Sotheby's says the building is "inspired by Baroque and Rococo architecture".

In addition, Kogan is selling an apartment in the Plaza Tower in New York for $ 45 million and a penthouse on the Tel Aviv waterfront for $ 65 million. The penthouse, which is called the most expensive apartment in Israel "was bought by businessmen in 2009. It is located on the 23rd floor of a residential skyscraper. The area of the two-storey penthouse is 1.2 thousand square meters and includes balconies of 300 square meters and four rooms. “The most expensive materials are used in the decoration, the rooms look like the chambers of the Grand Kremlin Palace,” the Mansion Global website notes.

Popular blogger Arkady Mayofis published on his blog photos of the Kogan Palace in the famous Caesarea, which is known as the "Israeli Ruble", prefaced these pictures with the following comment:

“A friend of mine has spent most of his life in Khrushchev’s apartment. It was impossible to get into the toilet right away and for some reason it became his big childhood trauma.

When, in his adult life, he began to design an apartment for himself in a house under construction, he planned there 5 rooms and... 7 sorts.

He felt better.

I remembered this story when I saw the interior decoration of the villa in Caesarea by the Russian billionaire Valery Kogan. He is a co-owner of Domodedovo airport (the fact of owning it is refuted all the time, but everyone knows that he is joking).

A boy from Tajikistan approached the relief from children's complexes on a grand scale. He has a lot of all kinds of real estate around the world, but the villa of the Domodedovo resident in Caesarea has become public. For its construction, he bought several houses at once, the owners of which were not going to sell anything, lived and lived for themselves. But then this "new Jew" came and named the sums that were difficult to refuse. He destroyed the houses and began to build his own. Israel knew people richer than Kogan, whose fortune was then estimated at a measly $ 2 billion, but no one else had seen anything like this here. Several hundred million dollars were spent on construction and it became the most expensive real estate in Israel. The spice of this whole story was also added by the fact that it was all built next to the house of Prime Minister Netanyahu. Houses differ in their luxury from each other in much the same way as Kogan's entrepreneurial talent differs from Musk's talent, only in the opposite direction.

But no one really saw the true picture of what was built there. Until comrade Kogan Valery did not want to sell the house. They say that he started having problems transferring money to Israel. They say that the Israelis resisted and began to demand proof that the money was acquired legally. In Russia, no one doubts this, but these people began to curve their nose. As a result, as they say, problems began with the current payments for the already built house, which, apparently, were not much lower than the current payments of Domodedovo airport.

But what surprises me in this whole story is not the scale of the sums.

I am amazed at the scale of vulgarity. Well this is how it was necessary to suffer in childhood to build such a thing! And this is how you should love show-off and "Three Musketeers", the last book you read!

Local Caesarian taxi drivers say that in fact Kogan was not building for himself, but for Putin.

Well, if this is so, then there are no questions about the stylistics..."