Posted 10 декабря 2020,, 15:38

Published 10 декабря 2020,, 15:38

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Big War: TV proposes to solve the problem of water in Crimea with a missile strike

Big War: TV proposes to solve the problem of water in Crimea with a missile strike

10 декабря 2020, 15:38
A real optimistic tragedy on TV: a great victorious war lies ahead. Not everyone will die of covid, but some will go to prison for 20 years for resisting quarantine. We are peaceful people, but we will open access to water in Crimea with a rocket, and there, for the future, we will establish an amazing walk-field.

Sergey Mitrofanov

So, again on TV they started talking about the coming big war between Russia and the West. So, V. Solovyov last Sunday sighed heavily and said to the camera: "I'm afraid our generation will see a big war." Considering that V. Solovyov is no longer a boy, the war, apparently, is expected pretty soon. The same thoughts are regularly heard in other propaganda programs and, in principle, are successfully sown on the depressive consciousness of Russians in quarantine.

Here is a quote from Yandex Zen:

“General (L. Ivashov, - S.M.) believes that a big war is quite possible: the new“ US National Security Strategy ”adopted in 2018 clearly states that the United States will defend by any means, including military force, a unipolar world, where only the United States has a leading role, and Russia is named the main object of military aspirations. They will stop us exactly..."

It is unlikely that the United States clearly states in its strategy that it is going to defend the unipolar world as a kind of supervalue - this expression is, rather, from another opera, and does not correspond to what Trump did - but "stopping us" in the interpretation of Russian experts means that it is we (not France, not England, not India, not Bangladesh or New Zealand) who are purposefully going somewhere. Where to? There is even less clarity on this important issue than with the objective reasons for the "big war", which is being spoken about in Russia today at every corner. I can only say that once Lilia Shevtsova suggested that the ideological defense-offensive virtual confrontation between Russia and the United States is exclusively designed to give practical meaning to the existence of both political systems. To a greater extent, of course, Russia, its repressive and military apparatus, and to a lesser extent the United States, which sometimes do not notice Russia for economic competition with China and other world problems. Nevertheless, the two political systems successfully samomotiviruyutsya and identify themselves in an imaginary "Cold War 2" and strengthening of police brutality. But whether such self-motivation will really lead to something terrible is, of course, a debatable question.

The world against "Sputnik V"

In any case, one can only hope that a big war will not break out because of the Russian Sputnik V vaccine, which Russia, like a good, disciplined girl - the representative of all the "good" on the planet, promises to supply all poor countries (for a fair price) affected by the pandemic. World pharmaceutical companies, as usual, prevent this in impotent anger. The Russian vaccine is poisoned in a uniform way, - noted Sergey Markov, - and often not only enemies, but also his own, which Markov cannot understand. Nevertheless, it is said that whoever emerges from the antique race as the winner is a superpower.

At the same time, Russia seems to have overtaken everyone at the start. But then misunderstandings began. It is not clear how many doses of the magic product have been prepared - whether 2 million, or 58 thousand - although it is clear that “there will not be enough for everyone” (* so said another skeptic Y. Latynina, Echo of Moscow) . It is also unclear whether the Russian medical industry allows them to be produced in sufficient quantities, and, of course, it is not completely clear whether this vaccine works directly to protect against a harmful virus (* in general, this is the main thing, and not the number of doses, it is not clear what ) , but it is suggested to believe in it sacredly.

Every day, the authorities announce the start of a mass vaccination, but it still has not yet begun, judging by the numbers. And if in Moscow 2 thousand people were allegedly vaccinated last Sunday, then this is a drop in the ocean, and more than 5,000 fell ill on the same day. Throughout Russia, the proportion is even worse.

At the same time, professional doctors say very vague things. Like, if you are not old and you do not have chronic diseases, then the vaccine is harmless for you. Here are delighted! Yes, but if you are young and not sick, then it seems that you don't really need a vaccine either. Some of the critics of the situation emphasize the high excess mortality (* Meduza news portal, opposition politicians), while the chief specialist in obstetrics and gynecology Leila Adamyan (behind her back she has a photograph of how Putin is rewarding her), on the contrary, encourages those that covid is loyal to pregnant women. Moreover, the Russian health care, in contrast to the "failed" American one, rushes like a tank, and only 6 people died in its area of observation, and even then, only because they were treated incorrectly, brought down the temperature... What an excess mortality you have here!

Meanwhile, a clash around entertainment establishments in St. Petersburg, which refused to quarantine on New Year's Eve, and even created a map of resistance to the "legitimate orders of the authorities", hit TV. VGTRK correspondent Alexander Afanasyev, who investigated the problem of insubordination, was even taken hostage in a hookah bar - barely got out of there, barely carried her legs. It is clear that the Kremlin did not like such a protest at all, and indeed it is fraught with an increase in the incidence rate and requires decisive measures. So Television mainly devoted its time to ideological suppression of resistance.

It would be possible to put all the bartenders for 20 years, as well as shoot all the infected, - the merchant A. Naumov thought bloodthirsty, - then it is absolutely certain that we would have defeated the pandemic rather quickly, but the trouble is, we are democracy, we cannot...

Obviously, he “regretted” it in the style of “new sincerity”, on the one hand, saying “how it is possible” to do it under a dictatorship, and on the other hand, why we should not do this, because we are a democracy.

However, in reality, in our democratic republic, security officials can do a lot - in particular, beat visitors, stupid girls with clubs and kicks, and it is strange for a Kommersant employee that at the same time we did not hear from him proposals to remove taxes from the same hookah bar , since it is no longer possible to gather there, and somehow agree to lower the rent for bars and restaurants. In general, any adequate suggestions on how to survive the business in these conditions. In trouble, power does not fall into the share.

Crimea without water, but with cryptocurrency

As it turned out, Crimea is again without water, although in the summer we heard from propagandists that Russia has a hundred great ways to get water outside of Ukraine. Obviously, they did not get it, and today the propagandists (in particular, "General" Korotchenko) have come to the conclusion that the water can be printed out with a rocket on the Ukrainian dam . (* Here's a big war for you). Not with a nuclear charge, ”E. Popov reassured, however.

However, the liberal Sergei Stankevich also suggested a peaceful alternative to a pigeon among the hawks - to drive a floating nuclear power plant to the coast of Crimea (* "Straight to the beach, Karl!") And thoroughly engage in desalination. Floating Chernobyl is like that.

But in addition to atomic desalination, interesting proposals were made on the Crimea. In the program of V. Solovyov, a member of the Council on Foreign and Defense Policy, clever A. Bezrukov, logically suggested: since the West is killing us with this Crimea, let us also kill all of Crimea with Crimea.

The essence of Bezrukov's proposals boils down to making a super-free economic zone in Crimea, i.e. take it out of the subordination of the State Bank of Russia and in general from any subordination to international norms, establish your own cryptocurrency there, and ... "Vladimir Volfovich, are you undertaking to lead this process?"

“Okay”, - Zhirinovsky answered shortly. As piece of cake….