Posted 10 декабря 2020,, 14:39

Published 10 декабря 2020,, 14:39

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Mikhail Khazin: "The goal of financiers is to provide citizens with an unconditional income"

Mikhail Khazin: "The goal of financiers is to provide citizens with an unconditional income"

10 декабря 2020, 14:39
At the radio station "Moscow speaking" (Govorit Moskva) Mikhail Khazin commented on the behavior of the world's financial elites and told what, from his point of view, their plans.

“Beginning in 1981, people began to stimulate demand through loans. At the same time, the problem of the accumulated debt was solved through its constant refinancing, by constantly decreasing the rate, reducing the cost of the loan.

This continued until 2008, when the rate dropped to zero and it became impossible to refinance.

And now the question arises: how can you stimulate the economy so that there is no collapse?

The question now is no longer so much about who and how much money, but about power, because the financial elites, who actually took control of the whole world in a hundred years, unexpectedly discovered that the main mechanism by which they controlled the world was control over finances. stopped working.

For a banal reason: printing additional money does not give economic growth.

And all countries began to say: guys, if you cannot provide us with economic growth, why do we need you, why do we pay you tribute?

And we see: Great Britain has left, Trump is trying to bring his country out of the monopoly of financiers in the United States. Similar processes, albeit very slow ones, are being conducted in our country by Putin.

And these are objective processes, because financiers cannot ensure economic growth.

And now, it seems to me, they just came up with an idea: you just need to extend this logic here. First, no one, no one, no one, then no one, no one, only their financiers, then almost all financiers, then households - albeit on credit.

Now how? Now, let's just print money and give it to households without credit at all. So that they only consume.

Moreover, even a term has been coined - unconditional income.

This cannot be done with paper money, because it is difficult, this time. Two - it is not clear how to control this process.

But if you have electronic money, this business is technologically much easier.

And I have a hypothesis that in fact the plan that the financiers came up with is that they will provide citizens with an unconditional income that will grow all the time.

Yes, of course: in some countries there will be more, in others less, and in some not at all.

Yes, of course, someone who misbehaves will be disconnected from this tap.

Yes, of course, this will destroy the real sector, because any freebie destroys real production.

But it will be later. Then!

Because now, in general, it is not very clear whether they stopped Trump or not. And if they didn't stop, what to do?

... They categorically need a simple, understandable and controlled mechanism for throwing money into the economy.

Trump took the classic emission mechanism from them through the budget, just as Roosevelt did in the 1930s.

And now they sleep and see what will happen next, how to eliminate Trump, but for this it is necessary to create, even if Trump remains, an alternative mechanism.

If the electronic dollar is under the control of financiers, then in this case, the fact that Trump will have a budget will not play any role.

And this is a real problem".

You can listen to the entire recording of the broadcast with Mikhail Khazin here.