Posted 11 декабря 2020,, 15:39

Published 11 декабря 2020,, 15:39

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Russia dropped to 154th place in the Global Peace Index

Russia dropped to 154th place in the Global Peace Index

11 декабря 2020, 15:39
Our country, which does not seem to be at war with anyone, nevertheless entered the ten most aggressive countries in the world.

The regular Global Peace Index for the outgoing 2020 has been published. This index was developed by sociologists and economists from the international peace expert group of the Institute for Peace in conjunction with the Center for Peace and Conflict Studies at the University of Sydney. It characterizes, according to analysts, the level of security of living in countries and regions and was first calculated in May 2007.

The experts said then that their index is the first attempt at ranking countries around the world in terms of safety of residence. The index takes into account both internal factors - for example, the level of violence in the country and crime, and external - the country's international relations, military spending and other parameters. The level of security of residence is assessed by 23 indicators, taking into account: participation in wars, the number of security forces, military spending, the prison population, the level of trust and other parameters.

This year, the Global Peace Index includes 163 countries. When you look at the top of the list, you want to believe that wars will end soon. When you look at the bottom of the list, you start to doubt it.

The first places are occupied by Iceland, New Zealand, Portugal, Austria, Denmark, Canada, Singapore, Czech Republic, Japan, Switzerland. These are the world's most peaceful countries with high trust and low levels of violence.

In the lower part of the country, on whose territory there is a war. Such as Afghanistan, Syria, Iraq, Yemen, Somalia, Libya, CAR, Congo, South Sudan and - most regrettably - Russia! Compared to last year, it dropped even lower and was in the last ten on the "honorable" 154th place. Even the extremely militarized North Korea is above...

The same Russia, which does not seem to be at war with anyone, but is always forced to "defend itself", which is in constant conflict with its neighbors, and its security forces imprison its own citizens for one intention to commit a crime, which means everything that does not like the ruling regime...

The Russian law "On Veterans" lists 39 local conflicts after 1945 with the participation of Soviet / Russian military personnel. The USSR fought one and a half wars a year at the same time, and Russia two. And these are only officially recognized wars. In many countries, the USSR and Russia "defended" and "defended" on the principle of "insist".

The USSR suffered "the greatest geopolitical catastrophe" in the twenty-fifth post-war war. Russia added to this list fourteen more recognized and a dozen unrecognized conflicts. The Russian military is present in half of the countries at the bottom of the Peace Index.

In the Soviet Union, salaries, bonuses, awards and promotions for millions of people were associated with the war. All general secretaries, except Gorbachev, had military ranks. People in uniform were either the authorities or served the authorities. And all this colossus was inherited by the Russian Federation. All this is reflected in the peacefulness index...

For example, the United States, with all its aircraft carriers and tomahawks, took 121st place, while Israel, which is in a hostile environment and is constantly at war, at 145th.