Posted 11 декабря 2020,, 18:04

Published 11 декабря 2020,, 18:04

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Updated 24 декабря 2022,, 22:37

The mayor of Agidel was outraged by the unwillingness of citizens to work for 15 thousand rubles

The mayor of Agidel was outraged by the unwillingness of citizens to work for 15 thousand rubles

11 декабря 2020, 18:04
The mayor of the city of Agidel in Bashkiria, Fanis Gilvanov, who receives 2 million rubles a year, was outraged by the reluctance of residents to work for 15 thousand rubles.

The mayor published an appeal to residents with a demand to fill vacant low-paid jobs in the city on his page in the social network VKontakte.

“I am losing confidence in us - Agidels. I can't figure out what kind of work we need? We don’t want to sew, we don’t want to be sellers, we don’t want to be cooks, we don’t want to be nurses, we don’t want to be doctors. Then what do we want to work with? All these jobs are empty today!", - quoted by, the appeal of the head of the city.

According to the mayor, because of irresponsible residents who do not agree to go to work for vacancies with a meager salary, the city cannot attract investors.

“Dear ones, all this is not right! We need to change! Otherwise we will lose everything - clinics, colleges, schools, kindergartens, the city! Where are we going to live? ”, The mayor urges fellow citizens to be “conscious”.

The reason for the official's “cry from the heart” was the failure of an investment project in the clothing industry on the territory of Agidel.

“How can we persuade other investors, if even having built a good workshop with modern sewing machines, an entrepreneur cannot recruit people for at least one shift. But the workshop can work in two, or even three shifts!” - said the mayor.

According to ToDay News Ufa, a garment factory that opened in the city has failed to recruit employees. Employment services offered local residents six jobs for seamstresses with a salary of 15 thousand rubles.

The mayor's speech drew a hot response from voters.

“The head of the city of Agidel, Fanis Gilvanov, is very upset that the residents of the city of Agidel do not want to work for 12-15 thousand rubles per month. The head of the city of Agidel, whose annual income is 2 million rubles. I am very alarmed, ”the residents said sarcastically, attaching the data of the Mayor's income statement for 2019 to the publication.

"Make people worthy salaries, there will be no end to those who wish." “Just decent wages. Although the official is unfamiliar with this. “It's just some kind of part-time job, not a salary ... And they think it's a blessing for people? Or maybe they, the authorities, dream of hiring people for a bowl of soup, like the slave owners ?! Everything goes to this...", - residents commented on the address of the mayor.

At the same time, First Deputy Prime Minister of the Government of the Republic of Belarus and Minister of Economic Development in the region Rustam Muratov criticized the words of the mayor of Agidel about unemployed residents, writes “There are plenty of tools to create life in Agidel. Therefore, it is probably necessary to check (check) the detailed chapter on Agidel, understand the vector points of development, paint a specific map for implementation with a specific KPI and control it in a daily format, because just a statement of the fact, well, I beg your pardon, Agidel is not in taiga, it is still a big city that has its own potential”, - he said.