Posted 14 декабря 2020,, 14:11

Published 14 декабря 2020,, 14:11

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Updated 24 декабря 2022,, 22:37

Pests are everywhere: the Crimean authorities are looking for the ones to blame for the water shortage

Pests are everywhere: the Crimean authorities are looking for the ones to blame for the water shortage

14 декабря 2020, 14:11
Some officials refer to the overconsumption of water during the holiday season, others - to the communal sabotage of the Crimeans themselves.

The southern coast of Crimea from today will receive water by the hour due to the shallowing of two reservoirs. Water will be served three hours in the morning and three in the evening. This measure will also affect Yalta, Alupka, Foros and Gurzuf. Only those facilities that provide the vital activity of settlements, as well as socially significant ones, will be provided with water around the clock. Hotels are also getting ready to work under the new conditions, Interfax reports. Low water has been observed in Crimea for the last couple of years. Schedules of cold water supply by the hour were introduced in August in Simferopol and four dozen other settlements nearby.

It turned out that this was due to the excessive consumption of water during the holiday season in Crimea, which amounted to 3 million cubic meters. Thechairman of the State Committee for Water Management and Land Reclamation Igor Weil told the journalists about this:

“Unfortunately, during the holiday season, according to the developed operating modes of the reservoirs, about 3 million cubic meters were moved due to the influx of visitors, with such an intense holiday season. It was withdrawn 3 million more than it was envisaged by the operating regime of the reservoirs”.

And a representative of the city administration of the capital of Crimea, Anatoly Rusin, accused the population of Simferopol of sabotage, which deliberately drains water from the heating system. We are already talking about deliberate water sabotage, sabotage and even communal sabotage, - the journalist Pavel Pryanikov writes in his channel and comments on the situation:

“Probably, things have already become very bad with the water supply of the Crimea, since the authorities included manuals with vocabulary from the 1930s, and began to look under the beds for pests, saboteurs and saboteurs among ordinary people.

If it goes on like this, then in 2021 Crimea will remain completely without water. Even if you invite Germans or Israelis to make a water supply and water saving system in Crimea, change pipes, treatment facilities, etc., install desalination plants - it will take years and years..."

The News for Every Day channel is speaking in the same spirit:

“Did you think Ukraine was to blame for blocking the North Crimean Canal or the officials who were hoping for rain? No, tourists and locals who dare to drink and use (okay, sidebars are a shame and an abomination, but why speak in 1937 terms?).

The question of these statements by Crimean officials has already been sent to the direct line of the President of Russia and to the department of his press service. And then the Crimean "chiefs" were eating too much fish soup...".